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Bryan Heisenburg's children, Hezekiah Heisenburg and sister Gomer Heisenburg, have announced that they will be joining bass player Gary Puhile to create a gothic rock album centered around Gomer's vocals.  The new band "Gomer-Puhile" should be releasing their debut album later this year.

Bryan Heisenburg found!  After missing for six months, Bryan Heisenburg has finally returned home after wandering lost in the Appalachian mountains.  Heisenburg wanted to take a hiatus from music and began hiking Appalachian Trail in August.  He believes he "took a wong turn somewhere" when he reached Gary, Indiana.  Heisenburg is glad to return to his family and eager to start working on music again.  

The liner notes to the boxed set are now online!   Check it out!

The Meet the Heisenburg Principle Fans! Forum Board is down right now.  The owner of the server mentioned something about "gigabytes" and "bandwidth."  I'm not a technical person, but I'm sure that can't be good.  Keep checking back!


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