The 25th (with a year break) Annual
Pick-The-NIT Contest

"Total guesses about mediocre teams"

That's right, kids!  It's time for the Pick-The-NIT Contest.  Back In The Day when Georgia Tech spent most of their time in this glorious tournament, we decided that everyone has an NCAA Tournament pool, but nobody ever had a NIT pool.  Well, we fixed that problem immediately!  We had printed-out brackets taped up on the wall, but now, with the Miracle of the Internet and a CS with a little too much time on his hands, the Pick-the-NIT Tournament is on the World Wide Web!

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What do I win?

How do you score this thing?

The Bracket

As mentioned on AM 610 WTVN, Columbus, OH, a few years ago.  We've moved up to big-time now, kids!