Dudes and dudettes on the discussion jag,
This is LInford--I have commandeered the office computer for a few minutes.
It's been awhile, hope you're all well. It's a glorious, sunny, 40 degree
(Farenheit) morning here in Ohio. Not a bad day to make some music.
I realized I forgot to mention that Milwaukee folk-sensations Ticklepenny
Corner are opening both shows this wknd. They opened for us at Coney Island
Moonlight Gardens a few years back. They're definitely worth checking out...
Also, for your eyes only, we'll be debuting (is that a word?) two new songs
this wknd:
Norwood Boy (penned by Karin), and Hush Now My Sweet, a waltz that I wrote a
while back that confesses, "I know we're only two-bit clowns in a one-ring
circus." Seemed to ring oddly true at the time.
Well, hope to see you, and be nice to the merch volunteers.
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Fax: 513.731.9668