Hello from Ohio,

The Grey Ghost, the 111-year-old wooden house we call home, is being poked 
and prodded, scraped and scrubbed. A new coat of paint has been a long time 
coming, and she's going to look pretty good in her new grey gown. The sun hit 
the gable just right yesterday, and we could almost convince ourselves we 
were living in Maine.

Thanks to all of you who made our concerts last wknd in Virginia and 
Pennsylvania so memorable. We truly enjoyed ourselves. We were able to fit in 
a short tour of the Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland, and we 
couldn't drink in deep enough the fall colors in Pennsylvania. We stopped at 
Sidling Hill on the way to Pittsburgh and stocked up on this year's apple 
butter for the winter. There's a buffet-style restaurant in St. Clairsville, 
Ohio, called Mehlman's that did the trick for Sunday Dinner on the way home. 
(We were some of the few people under the age of 60.) Great pumpkin pie, 
devilled eggs, pickled beets--check it out sometime.

This is all so rock and roll.

We finally have our itinerary (99%) nailed down for December, and we wanted 
to get that to you pronto. We always look forward to these end-of-the-year 
tours. There's something about breathing the crisp air in a new town every 
morning while the year winds down. And there's that indescribable sense of 
coming in out of the cold after dark to make some warmly-lit music with a 
bunch of you folks.

We're very happy to announce that Bill Mallonee from Athens, Georgia, will be 
joining us for all the December dates this year. Those that know Bill's music 
know that it's road-tried and tested. Bill is one of the most prolific 
songwriters we've ever met, and I think the reason we've connected with his 
music over the years is because (like most good music) it's connected to his 
deepest human places. Bill's music is all about busted-up dreams, hard-won 
personal victories and a few deeply-cherished loved ones. (For those of you 
who are not familiar with Bill, up until recently he called his band 
Vigilantes of Love. Check out billmallonee.com for more.)

So here's what we're looking at: 

*************OVER THE RHINE W/very special guest Bill Mallonee**************

FRI 12/6        CINCINNATI, OH  Taft Theatre            
SAT 12/7        CHICAGO, IL             Schuba's   (two shows)


THU 12/12       BOSTON, MA              House of Blues          
FRI 12/13       NORTHAMPTON, MA Iron Horse             
SAT 12/14       NEW YORK, NY    Makor                   
SUN 12/15       PHILADELPHIA, PA        The Point  (2 shows)

The Taft date changed several times due to some unintentionally crossed wires 
etc. Show biz stuff. We were going to try to do a smaller Q&A concert after 
The Taft show, but after the Taft date changed for the third time, we had to 
let the smaller gathering go for the time being. We'll try to do something 
along those lines when our next Virgin/Backporch release comes to fruition. 
(Late Spring 2003?) More later on that.

Check out overtherhine.com for more details on the dates which will be posted 
as soon as Eric gets back from his camping trip. We'll try to let you know 
soon when tickets go on sale for The Taft. This show is our only hometown 
appearance this year!

Also, be sure to check out the special we're running at the website between 
now and the end of the year...

That's it for now. Looking forward to seeing you.


Linford and Karin of Over the Rhine

ps Holy cow, we almost forgot November. 

FRI, 11/1 MEMPHIS, TN     Hi-Tone
SAT, 11/2 ST. LOUIS, MO     Blueberry Hill
SAT, 11/23 ANN ARBOR, MI    The Ark