Greetings from Horseheads, NY! We are en route to Boston today (a day off), 
but the snow finally got the best of us as evening approached, so we pulled 
over and we're spending the night here in, Umm, Horseheads.

Thanks to all of you who attended the shows in Cincinnati, Chicago and 
Cleveland so far. We're enjoying ourselves immensely and appreciate all the 

We wanted to pass along a few quick things:

We received this note from Thresa Singleton, the director of the YWCA Women's 
Shelter in Cincinnati:

>>On behalf of the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati, please accept my sincere thanks

and gratitude for promoting and coordinating a very successful donation drive 
for our Battered Women's Shelter.

I wasn't expecting to receive much for our shelter given the short time 
between the announcement of the donation drive and the concert...I was 
mistaken. Please know that your wonderful fans were so caring and thoughtful 
that they brought in everything posted on the wish list and two fans even 
donated money because they didn't bring in material goods.  

My truck was loaded down with donations that will help bring comfort to 
homeless and abused women and children in our shelter. 

Please extend my appreciation and thanks to your fans for their generosity, 
and thanks for giving me an opportunity to hear your beautiful and incredible 

Happy New Year!



Theresa Adair-Singleton

Director, YWCA Protection from Abuse

Nicely done! Thanks to all of you who contributed and helped with this.

On another note, Kris Barberg, who is helping produce and direct this 
emerging DVD project, will be joining us for our upcoming concerts in Boston, 
Northampton, NYC and Philly. Kris is looking for qualified volunteers to help 
her with the operation of a 2nd camera at these shows. Please send a note to 
Kris if you're interested: (

Also, Kris would like to conduct more interviews with any of you attending 
these concerts who would like to participate in this DVD project. We'd like 
to gather and include some of your stories and faces. Again, drop her a note 
if you're interested... (Many thanks to those of you who took part in this at 
the Taft show.)

Well, we're going to go look for some after dark, snowy dinner.

Hope to see you soon,

Over the Rhine