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Apr 19

We just got back from our third regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment, so we thought we’d give y’all an update.

As far as Mommy goes, my blood pressure is down, and I’ve gained back some of the weight I lost, but I’m still doing very well in both areas. They drew some blood to do the AFP screening as well as to test to see if I’m a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis. We should have those results in a couple of weeks.

As for the beans, they cooperated this time, and she was able to get their individual heartbeats on the Doppler, so we didn’t have to “sneak” and get an ultrasound this time. I was kinda looking forward to seeing the beans again, but hearing their heartbeats and knowing they’re still doing well is enough for me at this point!

We have our “big” ultrasound on May 17, which is when we’ll hopefully find out if we need to start investing now for prom dresses and weddings or if we need to nail every piece of furniture we own to the floor. We’re kinda hoping that maybe it’s one of each, but if it winds up being two boys or two girls, we’ll be just as happy!

On a somewhat sad note, we had to bid farewell to Dr. Chappell for a while today. By the time our next appointment comes around, she’ll be in “two pieces,” as she put it – she’s due with her own baby in three weeks! Good news is, she’s due earlier than we originally thought, so that means she could feasibly be back to work by the time the beans are born. My next appointment is with Dr. Kelley, and I’ll probably rotate through the other doctors in the practice over the next few months so I can get to know them better!

That’s about it for now – no big news at this point, but we’re moving right along on schedule! We should have a new “bump” picture some time soon!