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More Baby Showers


We had two baby showers scheduled for us last week, but as we were in the hospital for the whole week, we had to miss them. We would be remiss though not to thank the folks that worked hard to put everything together! Fortunately, one of the showers was for us and another couple expecting twins (that’s right, presents for four babies at that party) so they were able to carry on without us. We were very grateful however, that they delivered the presents (and cake! pictured above) to our house.

Nothing else new to report. Adriene is resting comfortably on the bed and Jeff has so far been pretty successful in cooking dinner and keeping the house clean.

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  1. Lori Says:

    I tried to get on the rumor forum today to see how you all were doing, but no luck. I am so glad to hear Adriene is home and the babies are hanging in there. I am continuing to pray for you guys… yay for fun shower stuff to open! — Lori Barkley