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Sep 19

We’ve been home for a couple of weeks now and still adjusting to having two more people around the house. As you might imagine, caring for two infants is a whole lot of work. Fortunately, Adriene’s mother has been staying with us and she has been amazing. Just when we are worn out, she swoops in and gives us spells of relief. The cooking hasn’t been too bad either.

Jeff is back to work and already waist deep into business emergencies. Adriene has been home manning the fort. How is she doing? Let’s just say she’s smitten.


Sep 6

We’ve been released from the hospital and are finally home at last! The doctors and nurses were very helpful and attentive, but quite frankly we were missing home (and home’s bed. Jeff probably lost more sleep due to the uncomfortable “guest bed” in the room than the girls’ crying.) So, it’s nice to be back here.

If anyone wants to visit us over the weekend and see the girls, you are more than welcome to drop by! Just give us a call and let us know. Jeff will probably be slipping out of the house during Saturday afternoon for the Georgia Tech-Samford game (you are welcome to visit then, too, we know you’re coming to see the babies, not him!), but we’ll otherwise be here all weekend.

And of course, more photos, here we are heading home and arriving in the nursery… more pics on Flickr



Sep 5

More pictures on our Flickr site! Here are just a couple, but visit our Flickr site for more…




Sep 2

Celebrate and worship God with us for He has brought Erin and Grace into our world today! The girls were born at 7:45am this morning. Erin weighed a whopping 4lbs and 13ozs and Grace comes in at 4lbs and 9ozs. Both girls are healthy and mom is recovering well. Grace had to spend a little time in the NICU because she was having a little difficulty breathing, but she is now with mom and her sister resting quietly.

We’ll post more info and news soon if the hospital’s wireless permits it. Until then, you will take only these three pictures and you will like it!