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The first couple of weeks

We’ve been home for a couple of weeks now and still adjusting to having two more people around the house. As you might imagine, caring for two infants is a whole lot of work. Fortunately, Adriene’s mother has been staying with us and she has been amazing. Just when we are worn out, she swoops in and gives us spells of relief. The cooking hasn’t been too bad either.

Jeff is back to work and already waist deep into business emergencies. Adriene has been home manning the fort. How is she doing? Let’s just say she’s smitten.


3 Responses

  1. Seth Robinson Says:

    There is nothing – NOTHING – like getting smitten over kids for the first time. And it never really goes away (even if you have to search for it sometimes). Glad to hear you’re surviving the initial wave!

  2. steve hodges Says:

    poor thing are u tired, u look like u were napping also. hooing everything is well with u and the kids. we both love you all.

  3. Tracey Layman Says:

    What a precious, precious, precious picture.