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Oct 26

Here are some of the latest pictures from La Casa de Holland.

Sleeping Peacefully

Sleeping peacefully….

What a flirt!

Gracie, being a flirt!

Um, that's not yours...

Looks like we just bought the world’s most expensive cat toy.

More pics available at Jeff’s Flickr site.

Oct 22

We got brave this past weekend and decided to take the girls out of the house and down to Tech for Homecoming. As always, it was wonderful to see old friends and see how the old House is doing. Our girls were the center of attention for many people, with lots of “ooohs” and “awwwws.”

The girls were great. If only they could always be this well-behaved as children!

…and of course, we took pictures! (Warning: for those of you that crave baby content, there’s more football than baby in these pictures. Sorry. More baby pictures to come soon, we promise.)

Here, our friends Rob and Elizabeth show that they know what they are doing around children.

Oct 13

Our friend Kara and her daughter Claire came all the way from the UK to visit us! Okay, maybe it wasn’t just to visit us, but they did stop by while over here in the States.

Now, it’s not our baby, but Claire is cute enough to get her own picture on our site. It won’t be long until our girls are this old. Look out boys….

On to our babies! Sometimes both babies want attention at the same time, and Adriene has been getting adept at keeping them both happy…

…of course, sometimes that means someone gets a foot in the face.

Oct 3

Hard to believe, but our girls are already a month old! It has been an exhausting and busy month, but compared to the last month of the pregancy which dragged on and on, this month has simply flown by.

Erin has begun to start behaving like a full-term baby, responding to mom with coos and giggles (and a voracious appetite). Gracie is a little behind developmentally, still acting more like a preemie, but we expect her to be coming along soon.

Someday we’ll look back on these sleepless nights and constant feedings and diaper changes with good memories we hope, but right now a nap sounds really good.

While we sleep, enjoy these pictures! Enjoy! We command you!

Grace at One Month.

Erin at One Month.