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Jan 24

We made a trip down to Savannah this past weekend to see Adriene’s parents. The girls were incredible on the trip. We had no idea how they would handle a four-hour trip in the car, but they slept almost the entire way. We’re very happy that the first long road-trip went so smooth.

While in Savannah, Jeff went to a hockey tournament and Adriene stayed home with her mom and played with babies all weekend. I think everyone came away happy. If you want to see pictures of the hockey tournament, here’s the place for you.. If you want to see pictures of babies, you’re at the right place right now!



Jan 15

So, the girls are becoming more mobile every day. They’re not crawling yet, but they’re starting to roll over and have gotten to where they can move themselves around by pushing their feet against the floor, turning themselves around.

Our morning routine is usually feeding at 7am, then a little playtime, then they go down for a nap around 9am. Since Mommy usually needs a shower by then, we usually put them in their crib for this nap so we can hear them if they get upset. The other day, I went to get them out of the crib after naptime, and imagine my surprise when I saw this:

For reference, I had laid them down to where they were side-by-side lengthwise, with their heads pointing to what would have been the left side of this picture. Sometime during the nap, Gracie turned herself perpendicular to that, and Erin did a complete 180.

Oh well. At least they seem to be happy about it.

Jan 8

My (Adriene) good friend from high school and college, MegAnn, and her husband Ben were in town this past week from California, visiting friends and relatives. They stopped by with their three girls for a little visit. It was nice to get back in touch and to see how much their kids have grown.


Gracie, Erin, and their new friend, Lucy.


Meg, her second-oldest Alice, and the babies.

Nicole and babies.

Nicole, Meg and Ben’s oldest, entertains the babies (Note: Nicole was in Meg’s tummy during our wedding back in 2000. She’s so big now!).