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The brainwashing has begun.

These girls better like sports. At least, they better if they plan on living in the same house as their daddy.

(Erin seems excited. Gracie, not so much.)

4 Responses

  1. Geof F. Morris Says:

    I suggest they come to revel in their Methodist roots and love Duke.

    Please, don’t stop being my friend.

  2. Adriene Says:

    Geof, we do not speak profanity like that on this blog.

  3. Seth Robinson Says:

    Hey, one out of two ain’t bad. It’s also kind of cool to try to let them choose something on their own. Quinn latched on to the Packers out of nowhere. You have to stay within reason, of course. Choosing Duke would be grounds for flogging.

  4. Tracey Layman Says:

    Too cute!!! Gracie looks like – oh, dad – don’t you know I want to go shopping (or at least go for a nap) 😉