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Well, after several months of “false alarms,” it seems we have our first set of teeth coming in! This morning while I (Adriene) was feeding Erin her first bottle, Gracie crawled up to my feet and started gnawing on my foot. I started to move her away (because, ew, who wants their kid gnawing on feet that have been on the floor?), but then she bit down HARD and there was definitely something there more than gums.

Sure enough, I ran my finger along her lower gums, Gracie’s two bottom middle teeth are coming in! Erin’s still a toothless wonder, but I’m willing to bet they’ll start coming in soon, too – both Jeff and I cut our teeth around seven or eight months as well.

(We’ll post a pic of them once there’s something to see. Right now, her gums just look bumpy!)

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