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The girls are now in the phase where they LOVE to play, especially with mommy, daddy, or each other. Which also means they are now in the phase where they crack us up on a daily basis.

In this picture, it may seem like Erin is simply showing Gracie how the pacifier clip works. In reality, she’s actually swinging said pacifier clip at Gracie’s head (ignore mommy in the background).


Gracie LOVES to play with mommy. As you can see below.

Erin mostly likes to go places she’s not supposed to.

It’s starting to hit us that our little babies are going to be a year old in three and a half months. I find myself looking at pictures of them right after they were born and just being astounded at how small they were, and how helpless they were. Now they’re laughing, crawling, sitting up, playing, and darn near pulling up on furniture these days… time flies!

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