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Snow Day …. except not.

Snow blowed through the South here this weekend. We considered taking the girls out into it and letting them play around in the white stuff. Seeing as how they’ve been sick for a while now and we’ve had it with wiping noses and such, however, we decided it was best to not take a chance on letting them get sick again, so we kept them inside. (Plus, we don’t own one year old-sized mittens, hats, boots, etc. You don’t own that kind of stuff when you live in Atlanta and your girls MIGHT wear it once before outgrowing it.)

So, alas, the most the girls could do was gaze at the snow from the window.


Fortunately, there are still really too young to realize what they are missing. Maybe next winter we’ll get to make snowmen and such.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    How cute! I’ve got pics of Bobby doing that about that age. SO cold outside and they still want to go play outside!!