The Instant Family » 2009 » August
Aug 30


One of the girls’ new favorite activities is cleaning the table (and the windows and the chairs). It makes us laugh when they insist on us giving them some wipes and they go to town wiping the table down together. We taking this as good sign that day-care does a good job cleaning things and they are learning by example! If only they could always be so insistent on cleanliness in their childhood life.

Aug 15

So, our children have started to look a little homeless lately. Erin’s hair has gotten pretty long down her forehead and Grace was starting to get shaggy. Mom had been holding off as long as possible, but the time had come.

We started off with Erin who was having so much fun with her toy she didn’t even notice the haircut.

Gracie was next. She tends to be the sensitive one and we thought she might get upset, but nope, she had a blast.

So we’re all styled and looking sharp! We’re so proud of them for being good girls and being so happy during the haircut.