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Aug 15

So, our children have started to look a little homeless lately. Erin’s hair has gotten pretty long down her forehead and Grace was starting to get shaggy. Mom had been holding off as long as possible, but the time had come.

We started off with Erin who was having so much fun with her toy she didn’t even notice the haircut.

Gracie was next. She tends to be the sensitive one and we thought she might get upset, but nope, she had a blast.

So we’re all styled and looking sharp! We’re so proud of them for being good girls and being so happy during the haircut.

Jul 19

The girls are growing up so much these days!

Last weekend, we put together a table for the girls. Ever since, it has become the place for snacks and coloring. Here it looks like the girls are having a deep conversation at the table.

One of the favorite activities of the girls right now is reading books. Here we have reading time with daddy.

May 23

One of the unique joys of having twins is watching them develop together and interact with each other. Lately, the girls have really started to entertain us in how they play with each other.


Gracie’s always been a “hugger”, but now Erin is starting to get in on the action too. The best part is when she wraps her arms around Grace and then Grace leans her head in on Erin. Erin looks so much bigger in this picture it almost looks like she’s Gracie’s big sister.


This is about the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time. In this picture, Erin is pretending to “feed” Gracie, handing her imaginary food out of a cup. The best part is that Gracie would then “pretend” chew it and say “yum! yum!” or “more! more!” I guess picky Gracie doesn’t mind whatever good thing Erin is feeding her.

Apr 26

At our Fraternity’s Founders’ Day event this past weekend, the girls found the piano at the fraternity house and climbed themselves right up onto the piano stool. A pair of future musicians, perhaps?



Apr 13

Happy Easter, everyone! The girls celebrated with a little Easter egg hunt at Jeff’s parent’s house:



More pictures on our Flickr site.

Mar 2

Snow blowed through the South here this weekend. We considered taking the girls out into it and letting them play around in the white stuff. Seeing as how they’ve been sick for a while now and we’ve had it with wiping noses and such, however, we decided it was best to not take a chance on letting them get sick again, so we kept them inside. (Plus, we don’t own one year old-sized mittens, hats, boots, etc. You don’t own that kind of stuff when you live in Atlanta and your girls MIGHT wear it once before outgrowing it.)

So, alas, the most the girls could do was gaze at the snow from the window.


Fortunately, there are still really too young to realize what they are missing. Maybe next winter we’ll get to make snowmen and such.

Feb 10

Sometimes, you just gotta sit down inside a box… and when you do, your sister just might join you.



Jan 21

…because they do. They crack us up on a daily basis.




Dec 23
Grace and Erin with Santa

Grace and Erin with Santa

Oh well, maybe we couldn’t get the girls to smile, but we figured that the fact they didn’t lose it and scream the entire time was a win. I’m not sure they really knew what was going on, but the pciture turned out pretty well. Merry Christmas to you and your family from all of us, Jeff, Adriene, Erin and Grace.

(By the way, did you know that you can get a fast pass to see Santa? Now we know…. under 15 minute wait time for the win!)

Dec 7

It’s Christmas time! We took about 300 pictures today looking for that perfect Christmas card picture of the girls. The girls are becoming such personalities. Last year they could barely lift their heads up at Christmas, but now they are hamming it up for the camera. Here are some of the finalists that almost made the cut:





Merry Christmas from all of us! There are more pictures on our Flickr site for your enjoyment.

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