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May 6



Our girls do things that make me laugh pretty much on a daily basis these days, but this one was too cute not to share. While mom was getting Grace ready for pre-school this morning, Erin took all of her stuffed animals, lined them all up and tucked them under a blanket before leaving for school. It was too cute not to get a picture. They are starting to become such little thoughtful girls, taking care of each other and taking care of their little toys (well, most of the time.)

Mar 19

While waiting for dinner a couple days ago here at the house, the girls spontaneously picked up our swiffer and broom and started going to work around the house. Well, who were we to stop them? Free housecleaning!

The best part was when they would push the broom to my feet and say “beep, beep, daddy, move.” Ok, ok, I’m getting out of the way.




Feb 13

Last year when it snowed the girls were sick. It was almost unfair to watch them look out the window longingly at the snow, but since they were only a year old, I don’t think they knew what they were missing.

This year, however, nobody was sick! We all took a little walk outside when the snow started falling. I’m looking forward to the days when we’ll build snowmans and throw snowballs, but it was fun this year just to go tramping around the yard.



More pictures here!!

Jan 25

Christmas seems like it was months and months ago, but I just realized that we never posted any Christmas pictures here. We are such slackers.

Grace loves the kitchen we bought for them. Here she is dressed up and ready to do some cooking for us.

Erin LOVES Super Why. It’s her favorite show by far. This little guy is almost inseparable from her these days. It’s too cute to hear her say “Super Why… the power to read!” We can only hope she grows up loving to read so much.

All the decorations are away and all the toys have been played with, but we hope the spirit of Christmas is still with all of you. The birth has come and now we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the Christ.

Dec 5

This is the first year that the girls are becoming aware of Christmas and it’s been a lot of fun watching them discover things for the first time. They excitedly shout “Christmas tree!” when they come into our living room and “pretty lights” when we are driving around and they see houses lit up with Christmas lights.

The girls were all too eager to help decorate the tree:



Nov 2


We didn’t take the girls trick-or-treating this year. It’s still a little much to walk two two-year-olds up and down the neighborhood. We opted instead to go to a friends’ Halloween party at their house which means we got to dress the girls up and they got a little bit of candy (mommy and daddy confiscated most of it, they haven’t shown a whole lot interest in candy yet and we’d like to delay that as long as possible. Plus mommy and daddy love sweets. Too much.) so they were happy. As it turned out, the weather on Halloween night was pretty lousy, so all the more the reason not be out walking around. The party ended up being a lot of fun and the girls loved their little wood fairy costumes. Grace kept saying “Pretty!” as she wore it around the house.



Sep 12

Our little girls are now two! We celebrated their birthday last week at Swift-Cantrell Park where the girls could play on the playground and check out the flowers and bugs in the field. Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate the day with us.

Below are some highlights, but here are all of the pictures from the party here.