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Aug 19

It’s getting close now, we can feel it…. maybe only a couple of weeks away. We are enjoying the calm around the house for just a little longer before the fun really begins.


Aug 15

We’ve now made it to the 34th week and the babies are growing like crazy! They are almost five pounds each, which is amazing. The doctors are pleased enough that they have taken Adriene off of strict bedrest. She can’t exactly do jumping jacks, but at least now she can walk from the bedroom to the living room couch and sit on the couch. Staring at the bedroom walls all day long was getting old.

It’s not going to be long now! The doctors have scheduled an appointment c-section for Sept. 13 at the latest, but I think all of us think it’s going to happen before that.

…and now some ultrasound pictures!

Baby A

Baby B

Aug 8

Adriene has been on bedrest for a couple weeks now and right now not a lot is going on. So, nothing really exciting to update here. It may not be long though before the girls arrive.

In the mean time, the nursery is almost done, so we’ll distract you for now with some pictures.



More pics on Flickr!

Jul 26


We had two baby showers scheduled for us last week, but as we were in the hospital for the whole week, we had to miss them. We would be remiss though not to thank the folks that worked hard to put everything together! Fortunately, one of the showers was for us and another couple expecting twins (that’s right, presents for four babies at that party) so they were able to carry on without us. We were very grateful however, that they delivered the presents (and cake! pictured above) to our house.

Nothing else new to report. Adriene is resting comfortably on the bed and Jeff has so far been pretty successful in cooking dinner and keeping the house clean.

Jul 23

After a week at the hospital, Adriene is back home! She is on strict bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy, so no marathons for Adriene and Jeff is going to be her butler and chef for the next few weeks. He would like to think he can prepare food at least as good as hospital food.

Even though she’s home, Adriene will still be off her feet and have plenty of time on her hands. Phone calls, e-mails, and even visits by the house are still welcome. Just give us a heads up if you are planning to drop by!

Thanks so much for your prayers, calls, e-mails, and well-wishes. We again say we are very blessed.

Jul 17

We’re here at Kennestone Hospital for a couple of days. Fortunately, the hospital has wireless! Adriene is having some minor contractions and the doctors want to verify that she is not going into pre-term labor. They given her some steroid shots to help develop the babies and also some medication to stop the contractions, but we’re in a bit of a wait-and-see phase right now. We are guessing they will send her home when the contractions stop, but she will likely be on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. We’re also coming to the realization that the babies may be here sooner than later! Yikes!

The important part is mom feels good and the babies are growing, so that’s all good news! Just give us a heads-up if you’d like to drop by. We’re not doing much right now here other than watching Scrubs and Office DVD’s and trying to guess what’s going to happen in the last Harry Potter book. We appreciate everyone’s prayers. We feel blessed. Our prayer is that God will let our girls “cook” for just a little longer!

Jun 19

During the past couple of months, we’ve had a baby shower thrown for Adriene in Savannah and a couples shower thrown for us here in Marietta. We are amazed and humbled by the generosity of our friends and family. Blessed indeed!



View all of our shower pictures on Jeff’s Flickr site!

Jun 16

Some of our good friends are throwing a baby shower for us today, so we should have some more stuff to share later. Before the shower, though, we thought we’d share some more ultrasound pictures from our latest visit to the doctor.

Here’s both babies next to each other!

We haven’t named them yet, so right now this is Baby A!

Baby B was facing towards the ultrasound, so no profile picture, but here she is!

May 27

Oh, I think it is…


About three to four months to go… jinkies!

May 17

Looks like I’m about to be outnumbered, because we are having a pair of girls! Both babies look healthy and are growing (12 oz. and 14 oz.) We are now almost positive they will be fraternal twins. Here are some ultrasound goodies for y’all to awww over…

Here’s Baby A

…and here’s Baby B. Since they are both girls, the A and B are probably going to be interchangable until birth. We won’t know which is which for a while!

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