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Apr 19

We just got back from our third regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment, so we thought we’d give y’all an update.

As far as Mommy goes, my blood pressure is down, and I’ve gained back some of the weight I lost, but I’m still doing very well in both areas. They drew some blood to do the AFP screening as well as to test to see if I’m a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis. We should have those results in a couple of weeks.

As for the beans, they cooperated this time, and she was able to get their individual heartbeats on the Doppler, so we didn’t have to “sneak” and get an ultrasound this time. I was kinda looking forward to seeing the beans again, but hearing their heartbeats and knowing they’re still doing well is enough for me at this point!

We have our “big” ultrasound on May 17, which is when we’ll hopefully find out if we need to start investing now for prom dresses and weddings or if we need to nail every piece of furniture we own to the floor. We’re kinda hoping that maybe it’s one of each, but if it winds up being two boys or two girls, we’ll be just as happy!

On a somewhat sad note, we had to bid farewell to Dr. Chappell for a while today. By the time our next appointment comes around, she’ll be in “two pieces,” as she put it – she’s due with her own baby in three weeks! Good news is, she’s due earlier than we originally thought, so that means she could feasibly be back to work by the time the beans are born. My next appointment is with Dr. Kelley, and I’ll probably rotate through the other doctors in the practice over the next few months so I can get to know them better!

That’s about it for now – no big news at this point, but we’re moving right along on schedule! We should have a new “bump” picture some time soon!

Mar 27

Our pregnancy hit a little bump in the road and we had to make an emergency visit to the doctor today, but it looks like all is well and the little beans are just fine. They are healthy and growing and wiggled around a little for us when the doctor took ultrasound pictures. On the upside of this whole deal, we got more ultrasound pictures!


….and for more picture-y goodness, here’s Adriene, showing just a little!


Mar 22

Adriene here – I just got back from our second doctor’s appointment. So far, so good!

Both babies have healthy heartbeats, although they once again surprised me and gave me an ultrasound because they couldn’t distinguish the individual heartbeats on the Doppler. Baby A was putting on a little show for us and was wiggling around and very active, with a heartbeat of 166. Baby B was a bit more subdued in movement, but still had a strong heartbeat of 132, which led the ultrasound tech to suggest that Baby B was probably asleep! Both are starting to look more and more like babies and less and less like gummy bears! And since this is the second time in a row that they’ve sprung an ultrasound on me unexpectedly, I’m tempted to start making Jeff go with me to all of our future appointments so he doesn’t miss anything!

One little thing of concern is that my blood pressure was up just a bit to 140 over 60. While that’s not in the “danger range” or even in the range to consider putting me on meds, that’s one thing she wants me to work on before my next appointment April 19. As she (Dr. Chappell) put it, it’s not “beautiful” for someone at 13 weeks, but it’s not terrible, either. So, she’s not overly concerned. Just something to work on!

Other than that, nothing else big to report. We’ll keep you posted, and as Jeff wrote below, maybe we’ll have some tummy pictures for you soon!

Mar 21

Not much to report here yet. All systems are normal as far as we know right now and Adriene will be making a routine visit to the doctor this week. It won’t be long before we’ll be posting pictures of her little tummy, I’m sure.

In the meantime, we’ll distract you with pictures of the birth of our friends’ daughter. It’s not our babies, but it’s babies nonetheless.

Feb 26

When is the big day? Well, we had a due date set, but with twins, it gets a little more unpredictable with due dates, so right now we’re going to say “sometime in September” and that’s all we’ve got to say about that!

Feb 25


Well, a couple of weeks ago, we found out some big news…


Then when we had the ultrasound on Friday, we found out even bigger news. We are having twins! Things just got a whole lot crazier! We hope you enjoy this site. We’ll be posting updates and info as we go along and after the birth, this will be the place for pictures and such. We’re going to try not to gross you out or scare you off with all the disgusting stories about raising children that fill blogs about babies, but hopefully you’ll get to read a little of the humor, grace, and love that God brings into a family when children arrive. We welcome your comments and hope you’ll keep in touch!

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