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Aug 30


One of the girls’ new favorite activities is cleaning the table (and the windows and the chairs). It makes us laugh when they insist on us giving them some wipes and they go to town wiping the table down together. We taking this as good sign that day-care does a good job cleaning things and they are learning by example! If only they could always be so insistent on cleanliness in their childhood life.

May 9


The girls made some presents for mommy at day-care this weekend. See if you can guess which one’s Grace and which one’s Erin. They pretty much fit their personalities.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you with children or expecting children!

Mar 14

One of Erin and Gracie’s friends had her 2nd birthday party at Monkey Joe’s this weekend. The girls still aren’t too sure about all that bouncy stuff. Gracie was all about bouncing around, but Erin was reticent.

Oh well, we found a race car for her to sit in and that was all good.

Gracie, on the other hand, found her favorite thing in the world. Even if it was only painted on a surface:

Happy Birthday, Claire!

More pictures at Flickr.