Bryan Heisenburg (bass guitar):
Bryan is the mastermind behind The Heisenburg Principle phenomenon that has taken the world by storm now for more than 30 years. Bryan plays bass guitar and writes the lyrics and music for the band. Bryan has also started a variety of spin-off bands, including Medusa, David's Harp, Pawn, and The Repeatles.

Sophie Van Zandt Heisenburg (background vocals and violin):
Married to Bryan since 1984, Sophie has provided background vocals to a myriad of albums.  Sophie is a classically trained violinist and operatic vocalist and mother of the Heisenburg's two children

Hezekiah Heisenburg (background vocals and electric guitar):
Hezekiah is the Heisenburg's oldest child and immediately followed his father into the world of music.  Hezekiah is one of the founders of the Christian Ska band, Youth Group Counselors.  He has provided guitar and youthful exhuberance to the most recent albums.

Puggsy Rhodes (vocals and drums):
Puggsy is Bryan's oldest and most loyal friend.  He helped found The Heisenburg Principle in 1969 and appeared on many Heisenburg Principle albums.  Recently, Puggsy has stepped out from behind the drums and, for better or worse,  become the lead singer of the band.  Despite struggling with a variety of addictions, Puggsy is, last we checked, "just saying no."

Trevor Dare: (vocals and guitar)
Real is name Bert Rosenstein.  Trevor is the third original founder of The Heisenburg Principle and also a cohort of the band, The Repeatles.  Dare has had some unfortunate setbacks while trying to break into the movie soundtrack industry, but is still working hard in Hollywood.

Johann Sebastian Smith: (vocals)
Smith was Heisenburg's lead singer for The Heisenburg Principle and also sang for Medusa and The Pong Players.  Despite suffering from a wicked case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Smith still suffers from a severe case of addiction to video games.

Chester G. Wiggins III: (guitar) 
Chester played guitars for The Heisenburg Principle and founded his own band, Ellen's Affection, which became disturbing outlet for his obession over young Ellen Cooledge.

Herman and Gertrude Wendleweiler: (keyboards, trombone, triangle)
The elderly Wendleweilers, elementary music teachers while not on tour, provided valuable backing music for The Heisenburg Principle.  The Wendleweilers may not have exemplified the rock and roll lifestyle much, but Gertrude could whip up a mean German Chocolate Cake.

Stumpy Whippensworth:  (drums)
Stumpy Whippensworth was drummer for Bryan Hesienburg during the years that Puggsy was unconscious, unavailable.  Stumpy also played drums on a variety of side projects associated with the Heisenburg Principle.

Silas: (Vocals)
Originally Todd Davenport, has a habit of changing his stage name every couple of years.  Currently he has settled on Silas.  Currently sings vocals for the Christian rock band, David's Harp.

Moesha K:  (drums)
Filled in on drums for one album for The Heisenburg Principle.

Bud Smith: (bass guitar)
Replaced Bryan Hesienburg on bass guiatar for one album.  The results were unfortunate.

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