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Bryan Heisenburg announces summer plans

Bryan Heisenburg expressed dismay that his band's touring partners, The Repeatles, had folded up their tent for the time being. "They are a band with such talent and potential. I hope they will return sometime soon." However, Bryan is not one to sit still. He'll be parting ways with friends Chester Wiggins and Trevor Dare for the summer to work with drummer Puggsy Rhodes on a new album.

"The time is right to re-introduce swing music to a new generation." proclaimed Heisenburg. Bryan and Puggsy will be working with The Glenn Miller Orchestra to produce an album of 20's big band music with lively songs. The album "Big Daddy Heisenburg" makes it debut to the world this July. The band will be touring dance halls and American Legions this summer.

Guitar Players Tour Together

Chester Wiggins and Trevor Dare won't be idle while Heisenburg is off this summer. Wiggins and Dare will join Heisenburg's son, Hezekiah Heisenburg, along with guitar Barry Gunslinger (from the death metal band Metal Death) and guitar virtuoso Tremolo on the "Wall of Guitar '03 Tour." The five guitarists will each play a solo set and then a play a set together during a summer tour coming to a town near you soon!


Lawyers representing the estates of John Lennon, and George Harrison and also lawyers representing Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney have submitted a lawsuit to the local Atlanta judicial courts insisting on a "cease and desist" order against musicians Bryan Heisenburg, Puggsy Rhodes, Chester Wigginsworth, and Trevor Dare. The musicians are being sued for illegally representing themselves as hosting the reincarnated spirits of the four band members of the band, The Beatles. The band, The Repeatles, plays a mix of Beatles covers, and original Beatles inspired music and has been wildly popular in the United States.

"While it's quite possible our client's soul has been reincarnated. The odds that it has inhabited one of these men is highly unlikely", says the lawyer representing John Lennon's estate. George Harrison's estate's lawyer issued a similar statement. Since DNA tests in this case would prove to be of very little use, the lawyers are considering issuing a subpoena to a local seer to hold a sťance to get proof of the location of their client's spirits. The lawyers representing Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney insisted that their client's spirits are still residing comfortably in their client's bodies.

The band's leader and bass player, Bryan Heisenburg issued a brief statement reading: "We regret to announce that no further shows by the Repeatles will be played while we are settling legal matters. However, shows by The Heisenburg Principle will continue as scheduled as we have big plans for the upcoming summer."

Heisenburg Principle to open for The Repeatles

Bryan Heisenburg was particularly excited to announce that his band, The Heisenburg Principle, will be opening for the The Repeatles, this spring. An old pro, Heisenburg knows a thing or two about upcoming bands and he says that he expects a bright and exciting future for The Repeatles, "This band is about to take off, and we're just thrilled to be opening for them." No word yet on who will be in the band with Heisenburg when they tour. Bryan wasn't too specific, but he hinted that after the spring tour, he will be taking yet another new direction with The Heisenburg Principle during 2003 "I think it's going to be really cutting edge, and the kids are really going to love it."

A Heisenburg Principle Reunion, but not like you expected

Trevor Dare, Bryan Hesienburg, and Chester Wiggins met with the press today to answer questions about a "reunion", but not of the Heisenburg Principle. The three musicians displayed their unusual sense of humor today by referring to themselves as reincarnated rock stars. Bryan Heisenburg called himself McCall McPartney and would only answer questions when the media referred to him as that. Chester Wiggins (Harris Georgison) would only answer questions through his agent, who was apparently the other guitar player, Trevor Dare (Len Johnson).

"We think America is a great country, you know? And we think our kind of music could do well here," McPartney stated in a mock-British accent. He regretted that drummer Singh O'Rawr could not join them, due to an infection of the West Nile Virus, but was happy to announce that veteran drummer Wes Weston would be joining them on drums and in the studio. The band, known as the Repeatles, will be recording an album in 2003, and doing a short tour to support the album. The album, titled Instant Karma Got Us, will feature songs that will remind the listener of a band that I think all of us are familar with.

The press asked a few questions about The Repeatles, but seemed more interested in asking questions about each of the individual's personal musical endeavours.

When asked about the upcoming tribute album, McPartney responded, "Bryan has the tribute album just about wrapped up. We are going to add more song and skip it under the wire onto his album. Bryan has promised to leave us some space for it. The release date should be January 1st as planned." Everyone snickered every time that McPartney, or is it Hesienburg, referred to himself in the third person.

Someone asked Chester Wiggins about the status of the Medusa album _Fling Da Ring, Bling, Bling_, and Wiggins grumbed, "Legend of Zelda." Dare responded that Chester tells him that project is continuing to experience unexpected delays. Dare was also asked why he was returning to performing music after producing soundtracks for movies so long. Trevor explained that he hopes to continue producing soundtracks, but that unwise investing in ill-fated movies like "Waterworld 2" and "Under Siege 3" have lost him a lot of money. (The fact that his 401(k) was 100% Enron stock didn't help, either) "Frankly, I need the cash."

McCall McPartney encouraged everyone to come out to their concerts next spring. "We think our show at the Hollywood Bowl is going to be bloody good, yah?"

Introducing the Repeatles!

The Repeatles are:

McCall McPartney : Bass guitars, vocals
Singh O'Rawr: Drums, vocals
Harris Georgison: Guitars, vocals
Len Johnson: Guitars, vocals

Four famous musicians on the Good Times label have reunited and claiming to be the reincarnated spirits of an anonymous band, plan to produce an album of British rock, featuring three part harmonies about wistful love songs. The album, Instant Karma Got Us, should be released sometime in early 2003. The Repeatles have signed with Good Times and are proud to announce that they will also be featured on the upcoming tribute album, Thank You Very Much, Domo Arigato.

Guess the Repeatles!!

Who are the Repeatles? Guess which bodies of famous musicians from the Heisenburg Principle have been inhabited by reincarnated spirits and you could win a prize! Stay tuned for more information soon.

Whippensworth and Rhodes contract tragic illness

Doctors at a Lafayette, Louisiana hospital report that Puggsy Rhodes and Stumpy Whippensworth, both drummers for the rock band, The Heisenburg Principle, have each contracted the mysterious "West Nile Virus." The two drummers have each played for the band over its long and storied history. Rhodes is also currently the band's lead singer.

Doctors are unsure how the two men may have gotten the disease, but suspect they may have contracted it while playing water polo in a fetid, mosquito-ridden swamp while visiting friends in Boog Hollow Bayou, Louisiana.

Rhodes and Whippensworth are expected to make a full recovery, however, their illness could put a delay in Bryan Heisenburg's plans to produce a tribute album for the fallen keyboard great, Domo Arigato. Neither will be able to have the strength to play drums during the next few months which could potentially cause Heisenburg to miss his January 1 release date for the tribute album.

Heisenburg first contacted that guy who plays drums on the street at Atlanta Braves games, but with the threat of an impending baseball strike, he has apparently taken a new job washing car windows on the corner of an Atlanta street and could not be reached. Bryan next tried contacting a favorite drummer of his, Keith Moon, but was dismayed to find out he was dead and has been for quite some time.

Heisenburg was about to put in a call to Mick Fleetwood to collect on some old gambling debts when he learned that the aging veteran drummer, Wes Weston, was available. Weston played in the same band as Arigato, the 80's synthesizer band Culture Shock, and could immediately fill in on many of the tribute songs that he already knows. Bryan has counted this as a "fortunate turn of events" and could be using the drummer on several tracks while Rhodes and Whippensworth recover.

Dare to produce Waterworld II soundtrack.

Hollywood soundtrack producer and former Heisenburg Principle guitarist, Trevor Dare, has signed on to create the soundtrack to the upcoming sequel of the Kevin Costner movie, "Waterworld." The movie is still currently in the early stages of being written. Costner has turned down the lead role and the directors are currently looking for a replacement to play the lead character in the movie. Filming begins in September.

Dare, quite a fan of the original movie, will play all instruments and write the score for the movie. He has locked himself away in his Los Angeles studio to begin working on the score. Trevor has also invested quite deeply into the movie out of his own pockets, signing on as an executive producer. Recently, Trevor was the talk of Hollywood rumor mills as he was spotted with actress Kirsten Dunst on more than one occasion around town. Reportedly, Dare met Dunst while contributing some rhythm guitar tracks to the "Spiderman" soundtrack (it is also reported that Trevor is quite unhappy with music producer Danny Elfman for leaving him off of the credits for the contributed guitar tracks. He believes Elfman is bitter for losing the Waterworld II job to him.) Dare denies any romantic involvement with the Spiderman actress.

Tour Dates for the Living Room Tour!

The following dates have been announced for The Heisenburg Principle Living Room Tour! Not every show will be a "living room" venue, but you can expect a "living room" show!

June 21 - Irwin Patterson's office - Redmond, WA
June 23 - Theta Xi Fraternity house - Berkley, CA
June 25 - Moesha K's crib - Ontario, CA
June 28 - Bryan Egbert's dorm room - Cambridge, MA
July 3 - Jeff Holland's basement - Powder Springs, GA
July 5 - GM Manufacturing Plant No. 3 - Flint, MI
July 6 - Abe Mattheson's barn - Marietta, IL
July 7 - Northeast Monthly IEEE Meeting - Montpelier, VT
July 8 - Herman and Gertrude Wendleweiler's foyer - Blairsville, GA
July 10 - David Richardson's loft - Lithonia, GA
July 13 - Jammin' on the Beach! - Myrtle Beach, SC
July 15 - Roberts Hall study room - Duke University, Durham, NC
July 16 - Texas Cattlemen's Convention - Dallas, TX
July 17 - IBM AS/400 Production Break Room - Austin, TX
July 18 - Mess Hall - Virginia Military Institute, Fredricksburg, VA
July 20 - Greg Harrison's kitchen - Overland Park, KS
July 21 - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH
July 22 - Magdelena Moldovia's back porch, Norwood, OH
July 25 - Chevron Refinery and Pump Station No. 4, Prudhoe Bay, AK

Tour dates are still available! However, the tour will end at the beginning of August so that Puggsy and Bryan can resume work on their tribute album for Domo Arigato. Get ready to be closer to The Heisenburg Principle than you've ever been before!

From Obscure Christian Music Magazine, June issue:
David's Harp to tour with VeggieTales Live!

Dove-award nominated band, David Harp is proud to join forces with the lovable VeggieTales characters for a live tour this summer. The band will play as a warm up act for the live stage show featuring life-size plush figures of the cartoon characters.

"We are excited to be a part of this wonderful ministry", says lead singer Silas, "plus, we really feel we can expand our fan-base to an audience (3 to 8 year old children) that hasn't heard our music before." Guitarist Melvin Myers, who has released several children's albums is particularly excited.

David's Harp was nominated for the prestigious "Album Most Pleasing To God", but did not win the award. However, the band vows "to try harder to please God" in the upcoming year.

Heisenburg and Rhodes to tour in biggest fans' living rooms!

Fueled by the success of the Georgia State Curling Championships concert, The Heisenburg Principle is hitting the road again. Many fans have exclaimed at concerts, "I would pay thousands of dollars to get this band to play in my living room!" Well, now your chance has come! Bryan and Puggsy are contacting some of their biggest fans and setting up concert dates now. The Heisenburg Principle will tour fans' living rooms during June and July. Bryan will play guitar and bass while Puggsy plays drums and sings. Bryan and Puggsy will be joined by Bryan's son, Hezekiah Heisenburg. Hezekiah will play guitar and serve as guitar technician. Bryan's wife, Sophie Van Zandt Heisenburg, will also join the band, playing violin and running the sound board.

Join the band for an intimate acoustic concert in living rooms around the country. Concert dates to be announced soon. Seats are available through TicketTaker and are $75 per seat.

The Heisenburg Principle will take requests at concerts to play any song. You can have your favorite song played by the band for only $20 a song. $50 for songs during the encore.

Don't get left in the fifth row of someone's living room! The Heisenburg Principle will release special "golden circle" tickets in the first row of the living room chairs. This is your special chance to see the band up close! Golden Circle tickets will be available at $125 a seat.

Platinum Circle Tickets are available from TicketTaker, too! Platinum Circle tickets put you up on the stage, sitting right next to Bryan and Puggsy! Seats are limited, so hurry! Platinum Circle tickets are available at $200 a seat.

Purchase the Super-Mega Evening with The Heisenburg Principle tickets now! The Super-Mega Evening with the The Heisenburg Principle ticket gives you the following benefits:

- Get into the house an hour early! Join the band for sound checks and get in an hour before everyone else.
- Bootleg your own concert! Hook into the band's soundboard and take home your own concert memory! (1)
- Sit in the special Super-Mega Evening section near the soundboard
- Hang out with the band and crew after the concert at the nearby Waffle House/Denny's/International House of Pancakes/whatever is open at 2AM (2).

Super-Mega Evening with The Heisenburg Principle tickets are available for the low price of $400. You don't want to miss this unique experience!

(1) Must bring own recording equipment, cables, media, and power supply.
(2) Band not available after all shows. In their place the crew will join ticket holders at resturaunt.


Dates are still available for the Living Room tour! Contact The Heisenburg Principle's tour management now and have the band play in your living room!

See you this summer!
The Heisenburg Principle

Delays continue to plague new Medusa album.

Guitar player Chester Wiggins has been vocal about the slow progress of the new Medusa album, but it appears his comments have fallen on deaf ears with the rest of the band. The new album is now almost a month late to Rivendell Records. The band has been promising a bold new sound merging progressive rock with medieval music and hip-hop gangster rap. So far, though all that the band has produced has been a half-finished demo song in MP3 on their web site.

Wiggins confirmed rumors of Johann Sebastian Smith's relapse into his addiction with video game systems in last month's Obscure Guitar Player. Wiggins says that Smith started first with a PlayStation 2, but now he has downloaded an Atari emulator from the Internet and installed it on the studio computer. Chester guesses that Smith has since downloaded some 400 different software replications of old Atari cartridges. Shaking his head, Wiggins says, "He even went so far as to erase a glorious 25-minute instrumental that we did in 69/64 meter so that he could download 'Yars Revenge' onto the computer. Tragic."

The record label is increasing pressure on the band, already taking away Master Big Pimpin's Clippers season tickets for next season. In an interview, Master Big Pimpin' responded, "Next time I see Smith, I'm gonna cap dat mutha."

_Fling Da Ring, Bling, Bling_ was to have been released at the beginning of May. No release date has been announced yet.


Bryan Heisenburg and Puggsy Rhodes are excited to be producing a tribute album for Japanese rave artist, Domo Arigato. The album _Thank You Very Much, Domo Arigato_ will be released at the end of 2002 to coincide with Arigato's tragic suicide. After frequent phone calls, begging, and bribes, a group of bands have agreed to perform some of Arigato's more famous songs.

"We are excited to be creating this tribute to Arigato", says producer Bryan Heisenburg. "His work and the work of the band Culture Shock had a huge influence on us in the 80's, particularly on the _Danger, Robots!_ album. We hope this is a small way of remembering him."

"I remember listening to his songs a lot in 1988." Puggsy Rhodes remembers, "and I used to smoke a cigarette with each song. And each cigarette was.... so good. And I would listen to Domo Arigato and I would.... smoke. All I wanted ... was .... another .... cigarette. Just... to ... smoke... again. Nicotine.... mmmmm. Excuse me, I have to go now."

The following bands have confirmed they will be contributing songs to the album:

- The Heisenburg Principle
Still performing music after 33 years, The Heisenburg Principle has crossed all over the map of styles, from new wave to grunge to ska, usually two or three years after the style is no longer popular. The band has experienced a revolving door of members and no word has been given as to who will be in the band for the song, but it's a safe bet founding member bass player Bryan Heisenburg and his producing friend, singer and drummer Puggsy Rhodes, will be on the album.

- Youth Group Counselors
Heisenburg's son, Hezekiah Heisenburg, enjoyed moderate success in his Christian ska band during the late 90's. Joined again by friends Godz Diva and Gimp Bizquick (who have all toured live with The Heisenburg Principle), Youth Group Counselors releases a new song for the first time in three years.

- Medusa
Mythical progressive rock band, Medusa, is currently in the studio recording their new album, _Fling Da Ring, Bling, Bling_. The band features singer Johann Sebastain Smith and guitarist Chester Wiggins. In addition to their new album, the band will also cover one of Arigato's songs.

- Tru 2 U
Fresh off a successful tour of Japan, Korea, and Singapore, singing boy band, Tru 2 U, understands the influence Domo Arigato had on the musical world.

- Sophie Van Zandt Heisenburg
Sophie made a name for herself in the symphonic world during the 70's as a virtuoso violinist. She married Bryan Heisenburg and has been contributing to Heisenburg Principle albums since 1981. Sophie is excited to make her solo debut on this album with a cover of one of Arigato's songs.

- Ellen's Affection
Having completed his public service, guitar player Chester Wiggins intends to reunite Ellen's Affection to cover a song. Earwig currently works with Wiggins on the new Medusa album, so all that's left is to find that guy who plays drums after Atlanta Braves games.

- Jeb McGee and The Finger Pickins'
After having their song "R.U.N.O.F.T." featured in the movie _O Brother Where Art Thou?_, the phone calls haven't stopped ringing for this bluegrass act. The whole family is packing into the truck and heading to the "big city" to record a song for the tribute album.

- Master Big Pimpin'
Before joining Medusa, Master Big Pimpin' enjoyed success from several albums released on So Phat, So Def records in the 90's. Master Big Pimpin' will re-mix one of Arigato's songs and add new rap vocals.

- Himitsu wo shiri tai
Little is known of this mysterious rave band put together by two DJ's, DJ-D2 and DJ Wheezin'.

- David's Harp
Normally, David's Harp doesn't associate with "the world," but Bryan Heisenburg has convinced his old friends to add a song to the tribute album. Christian Rock band David's Harp has been nominated twice for the Dove Award and features former Medusa singer, Silas, and Christian Rock legend, guitarist Melvin Myers.

Look for the tribute album, _Thank You Very Much, Domo Arigato_, in stores this January!

Hesienburg and Rhodes to form new label
First Release targeted for the end of 2002

Bryan Heisenburg and Puggsy Rhodes, long-time members of the capricious rock band, The Heisenburg Principle, announce the formation their new label, Good Times! Records.

"We felt it was time to create a space where new bands could have their say and bring their music to the world." says a bald-headed Bryan Heisenburg. "We think with the creation of our own label, we'll be able to further the cause of The Heisenburg Principle while introducing new bands, also. I know there are many young bands that have been influenced by The Heisenburg Principle."

Also, Good Times! Records will be active in cyberspace. "We'll be creating a e-mail list to contact our fans and give them all the latest important information, tour dates, new albums, and contests for winning prizes. Look for an e-mail with the subject 'Good Times!' in your e-mail soon!" says Heisenburg.

There are no current plans for a new Heisenburg Principle album, but Heisenburg and Rhodes will be busy sitting in the producer's chair. The label's first album is rumored to be a tribute to the tortured Japanese rave artist, Domo Arigato. Several bands have already been contacted by Heisenburg to participate on the album and are eager to participate. The album is set to be release to coincide with the 20-year anniversary of the tragic death of Arigato.

The Heisenburg Principle to perform at Georgia State Curling Championships

Erratic rock band The Heisenburg Principle has mostly been on hiatus since their brief stint opening for No Doubt, but the band now has a date scheduled in early April. The 30 year old band will be closing out the activities at the Georgia State Curling Championships at Parkaire Ice Arena in Marietta, Georgia.

"I really had never heard of curling," says Bryan Heisenburg, bass guitar player and creative force of the band, "until I saw it on CNBC during the Olympics. Pretty soon I was staying up until midnight every night."

"It was so addictive.... almost like..... cigarettes.", said singer and drummer Puggsy Rhodes.

"We are excited to be playing at The Georgia State Curling Championships", says Heisenburg, "I'm looking forward to watching athletes from all around Georgia come together to compete. Perhaps our concert there will encourage more people to come and learn about this wonderful sport."

The show will be an intimate acoustic concert with Heisenburg playing an acoustic bass and Rhodes playing an unmiked snare drum while singing.

David's Harp Nominated for Dove Award

Christian Rock group David's Harp has been nominated for a Dove Award for the second time. Their new album _David's Harp Praise 3!_ has been nominated for the prestigious "Album Most Pleasing To God" award. The album faces stiff competition against albums by Point of Grace, Avalon, Michael W. Smith, and Steven Curtis Chapman for the award.

In 1986, the band was nominated for "Most Theologically Accurate" for their song "I Will Sing of Your Omnipotence" on the album 2 Happy 2 B Sad, but has never won a Dove Award before.

David's Harp features singer Silas, formerly of the band The Heisenburg Principle. Melvin Myers, who has now released twenty-five solo albums, plays guitar. Zacharius Jones, Elijah Patterson, and Chung Wang fill out the rest of the band.

The 33rd Annual Dove Awards will be held on April 25th at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tenn.

Medusa Re-unites amid "Lord of the Rings" craze.

Not men to miss out on an opportunity to make a little cash, Chester Wiggins and Johann Sebastian Smith have re-united Medusa to create mythical progressive rock again. Smith and Wiggins have wisely realized that many progressive rock fans are also fantasy novel readers, and what fantasy novel is bigger right now than J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings?

Stumpy Whippensworth, while on a break between tours for The Heisenburg Principle, will sit in on drums and funk-bassist Earwig will play bass. Moving forward into a completely new style of progressive rock, the band plans to add hip-hop elements to the sound of the band. Master Big Pimpin', a rap artist from Compton, California will supply loops and rap vocals.

The lyrics of the first album will mainly revolve around Tolkien's book and blockbuster movie, Fellowship of The Ring. Not surprisingly, two albums are planned to follow. Many concessions will have to be made to get the band into the studio together. Smith will not join unless a PlayStation 2 is installed into the studio console so that he can play "SSX Tricky" during breaks. Wiggins insists on adding a character to the lyrics featuring a beautiful woman that falls madly in love with her prince after 12 years of trying to find him. Earwig wants to play in the nude and Master Big Pimpin' has insisted on front-court seats to Los Angeles Clippers games. It is yet to be determined if any of these concessions will be made.

The new album, _Fling Da Ring, Bling Bling_, is set to debut in May.

From the Heisenburg Principle Fan Club-

The Heisenburg Principle has returned as promised with the beginning of the year 2000. Bryan Heisenburg has spent the last half of 1999 writing lyrics about a post Y2K world where computers are rendered useless and the electricity fails. Heisenburg was slightly disappointed when nothing happened on January 1, but nevertheless, he plans to keep the theme for the album. The album's lyrics mainly center around the main character avoiding planes falling from the sky, failing to get money from non-working ATMs, and hiding in the storm cellar and sitting on a 20-year supply of canned Dinty Moore beef stew armed with a shotgun.

Joining Bryan Heisenburg is a mix of old and new. Longtime drummer, Puggsy Rhodes has stepped out from behind the drum kit and will be handling vocals for the band. Heisenburg says, "Well, all those cigarettes that Puggsy smoked during the 80's has made his voice pretty hoarse and ragged. He almost sounds like our old singer, Silas! So he's a perfect fit to sing for The Heisenburg Principle. Plus, he's a huge Genesis fan, so this is his big chance to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Phil Collins."

On the album, percussion will mostly be from a Roland keyboard drum machine, because Heisenburg saw an article in Keyboard magazine that said, "If you don't use a drum machine on your album, then you aren't cool." However in concert, former Medusa drummer, Stumpy Whippensworth, will back up the band. Bryan has no idea where Stumpy has been the last sixteen years, but one day he was attending an Atlanta Braves baseball game to see if that guy that plays drums on the street after games was available. Heisenburg mused "Well, I guess I will need a drummer for the next tour" and sitting a row behind him, Stumpy answered, "Hey, I'm a drummer!" The rest was history.

The Heisenburg Principle will have a new guitarist to replace Trevor Dare. Dare is currently working on the newest Jerry Bruckheimer film. The guitarist will be none other than Bryan's own fifteen year-old son, Hezekiah Heisenburg. Hezekiah has been playing for two years in his own band, Youth Group Counselors. The Christian ska band has released two albums Skankin' To the Lord! in 1998 and East Coast Flava', Yo in 1999. Two other members of Youth Group Counselors will also join The Heisenburg Principal. 16 year-old Cody "Gimp Bizquick" Jones and 17 year-old Wendi "Godz Diva" Fleischman will join the band on trumpet and trombone, filling in the roles formerly held by the retired Herman and Gertrude Wendleweiler. Bryan's wife and Hezekiah's mother, Sophie Van Zandt Heisenburg will contribute her violin playing to some of the tracks.

The album, Fear the Millennium, is scheduled to be released on 4/4/2000.

Heisenburg Promotes a Cause

Bryan Heisenburg's band may be on hiatus, but the leader and bass player of the Heisenburg Principle is keeping busy. Bryan, now bald because he shaved his head in anger four years ago (but the hair wouldn't grow back) is championing a cause he dearly believes in. Bryan will be attending a Senate Committee meeting to speak on behalf of the "Save the Metric System!" cause.

"Think of the children." says Heisenburg, "They are growing up in a world that lives in meters and liters and must suffer by learning miles and ounces. It's just sad. I hurt for the children."

When asked how people can help Bryan responds, "Boycott english system measurements. Buy a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola instead of a 12 ounce can. Drive 90 kilometers an hour instead of 60 miles an hour. We can overcome this oppression together."

Heisenburg will be traveling across the country, visiting several universities and colleges to promote the cause.

From Doves Descending Records for immediate release:

David's Harp reunites to release Praise album

After 12 years, the band David's Harp has returned to the studio to release a new album that will bless the believers. The new album, David's Harp Praise!, will feature several popular praise songs in addition to new songs created by the band.

David's Harp is comprised of Silas, Melvin Myers, Zachariaus Jones, Elijah Patterson, and new member Chung Wang.

- Silas is no newcomer to the CCM industry, having released four albums with David's Harp. Silas also sang on several albums with The Heisenburg Principle. Silas also played with the mythical progressive rock group, Medusa, but he has since repented of such acts. Silas brings a gravelly, warm vocal that will stir your heart to praise the Lord.

- Melvin Myers is also a veteran of the CCM industry. Myers has played on three of the previous David's Harp albums and has released 19 solo albums and 4 kids albums. Myers' latest album, Middle Schoolers Can Praise The Lord, Too!, earned a Dove nomination. Myers' smooth guitar will keep listeners from the temptation of loud, offensive guitars.

- Zachariaus Jones and Elijah Patterson are solid musicians, having played many years as part of the backing band of the Gaither Vocal Band. Jones, on drums, and Patterson, on keyboards, have played on all four previous David's Harp albums

- Chung Wang played bass in the 80's band, The Pong Players, but he has since repented of the evils of playing video games and now wants to play bass for the Lord. This is his debut in the CCM industry.

David's Harp was founded in 1982 by Silas and Bryan Heisenburg. Heisenburg has since heard the siren call and "crossed-over" to the secular music scene, but Silas remains faithful to the Lord! The band released four albums, Marvelous Love!, God Says It's Okay To Rock!, 4 Given, and 2 Happy 2 B Sad before succumbing to devil's lies and changing their name back to The Heisenburg Principle. After leaving the narrow road, Silas has now brought David's Harp back together.

Look for David's Harp Praise! at a Christian Bookstore near you soon!


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