Hello fellow travelers,

It's a rainy November Saturday night in Ohio. Big moon last night behind naked oak branches. Roaring fire in our back yard under crisp star-sprinkled sky. Tonight, cold and wet outside, so we sit in a warmly lit kitchen. And wouldn't you know, we're listening to our new record. Giving it a spin before it gets sent off for final mastering on Tuesday. We realized in the last few days that it's called 'BORN'.

We had been sketching and writing off and on for much of the year. Turns out we started recording for real on election day, and finished mixing on Thanksgiving Eve. A relaxed record made at home in this wooden house we call the Grey Ghost. Upright bass. Piano. Acoustic guitars. A few horns. A few subtle textures. A voice.

Karin and I stayed home more this year and felt the water in the well rise. We felt the seasons change close to home. There's a lot of love on this one.

Over the Rhine | BORN is set to be released March 29, 2005 on Virgin/Back Porch Records.

1. I Want You To Be My Love
2. Born
3. Drunkard's Prayer
4. Bluer
5. Spark
6. Hush Now (Stella's Tarantella)
7. Lookin' Forward
8. Little Did I Know
9. Who Will Guard The Door
10. Firefly
11. My Funny Valentine


We were driving the other evening and Karin said, Look at the sky: Winter is wrestling with Autumn.

And it went on for a few hours. A looming large moon. A circus of white clouds parading toward the horizon. A dark storm shadowing us a few fields over out the driver's side window.

Winter won and stomped its foot and said, I'm here to stay. It spit snow on Thanksgiving day. The hats and scarves and gloves have come out of hiding, which means it's time for us to bundle up once again and take our suitcases full of December songs on the road. Candlelit stages. Come-in-out-of-the-cold evenings together. Mulled wine, cigar smoke, laughter, love and all its possibilities, rosy girls with half-filled notebooks, boys with songs up their sleeves, music for sale, we wake up dreaming.

Dig out the crumpled up road map. Select a few close companions. Come find us. Say hello. It's not the same without you.

Over the Rhine | DECEMBER 2004 TOUR DATES

Thursday, Dec 2 Pittsburgh, PA The World
Friday, Dec 3 Columbus, OH Little Brothers
Saturday, Dec 4 Akron, OH The Lime Spider
Sunday, Dec 5 Ann Arbor, MI The Ark
Tuesday, Dec 7 Madison, WI Luther's Blues
Thursday, Dec 9 Grand Rapids, MI Calvin College Fine Arts Center
Friday, Dec 10 Indianapolis, IN Birdy's
Saturday, Dec 11 Cincinnati, OH The Taft (Our Annual Homecoming Show.)
Monday, Dec 13 OFF! (Karin's Birthday)
Tuesday, Dec 14 Lexington, KY The Dame
Friday, Dec 17 Chicago, IL Schubas
Saturday, Dec 18 Chicago, IL Schubas

Check out http://www.overtherhine.com for more info.


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Well, it's been a rewarding journey. Thanks for your support and companionship along the way. We have learned much. We have many wonderful memories. You all have our wishes for a truly blessed holiday season.


Linford and Karin

ps Our office is currently an unmanned spaceship, and we've had our heads buried in our new songs. We apologize--we're pretty far behind on correspondence. If you've been waiting for a bit of info or a sign of life, we hope to get caught up in the next several days before we leave for tour. Thanks for your patience. See you soon.