hello all and happy new year.

   this is a brief update on all the happenings.  many of you have heard 
by now, a record i produced, co-wrote and played guitars on has been 
nominated for a Grammy Award. the new Zak Morgan record (with 
appearances by Robbie Fulks, Victoria Williams, David Wilcox, David 
LaBruyere and lots of other folks) is nominated in the Best Musical 
Children's Recording (or something like that..) so i'll be in Los 
Angeles for a few days next week to survey the spectacle. (if any of 
you west coast people want to get together for coffee, let me know..)

    i'm going to be featured in the new (march or april..) issue of 
Guitar One magazine. it's just a couple of paragraphs, but i'll be in 
really good company with some of my favorite players.

    the website is finally being updated. you can check in on stuff at 
www.richordinski.com to see the updates. surf around. i'm trying to 
convince the wonderful webmaster, Eric, to set it up so that i can 
update for live shows. hopefully in a week or two we can make that 

and finally... tonight's the night.  i'll be playing guitar with the 
extraordinary Kim Taylor Band tonight in cincinnati. 9pm at the York 
St. Cafe (859.261.YORK for details.)

sorry to be so brief, but the snow covered streets are beckoning.


ric hordinski