hello everyone,

   i've just returned from a whirlwind weekend  in  los angeles where i attended the 
Grammy Awards ceremonies, visited with some friends and did a little business.  the 
awards were fun. i was unable to keep myself from the furtive glances around me that 
signaled things like "there's quentin tarrantino..." i'm generally non-plussed by 
all that kind of chicanery, but i fell victim myself when one of my heros walked by. 
i got to say a quick hello to one of the musicians i respect most in the world- Ry Cooder.  
for those of you born after jimmy carter was president, Ry is something of an icon  
to those of us who enjoy what has some to become called "world" music ( a term that 
i abhor, by the way...) he was into american music before bands like wilco made it 
hip to like "roots music." and i mean way before... about 20 years before. but i digress.  
the bottom line is that we didn't win the grammy in our category. i quickly learned 
the mantra that all who do not win the award must endure (for at least another year-) 
"it's an honor to even be nominated." true, true...

   the good news is that it looks promising that i'll be doing some more scoring/soundtrack 
work this coming year and there are quite a few promising recording projects on the calendar.  
look for records with kim taylor (summer-ish), knocknagael (cool scottish-rock with bagpipes!), 
sarah masen, david wilcox and a few others. but before i get ahead of myself, here are some 
places to come and see me play guitar (if you are so inclined..)

- an evening with kim taylor and band
-newport, Ky (cincinnati)- the southgate house.
we will play two sets. this is a band not too be missed. 'nuff said? 
band starts around 9pm - get a babysitter right now.

Saturday February 21st
ric solo- opening for david wilcox
Old Town School of Folk Music 
4544 North Lincoln Ave 
Chicago IL  60625 
Phone 773-525-7793 for more info. 

Sunday, February 22nd, 2004 
ric solo-opening for david wilcox
The Ark 
316 South Main 
Ann Arbor MI 48104 
Phone 734-761-1451 for more info. 

February 25, 2004 
kim taylor band-
Barrelhouse Brewery 
Cincinnati, OH 
opening for Anne Heaton 
Visit Step Out Productions for more details. 
$7, 18+ 

March 20, 2004 
kim taylor band-
The Mad Frog 
Cincinnati, OH 
opener TBA 

March 26, 2004 
ric solo- with songwriters in the round
Trinity House Theater 
Detroit, MI 
Trinity House Benefit Concert 

April 17, 2004
ric with BAND!
york st cafe,
newport, ky
859.261.YORK for details/tickets