DATE: April 14, 2004

LOCATION: Greenville College, Greenville, IL

LINEUP: Karin, Linford

REVIEW BY: Chad Clement

Wheaton College, Scott Field (lawn on campus)

The opener was a band called Shortwave Radio from either Nashville or Greenville
(couldn't tell what they said). They were decent. I thought they sounded similar
to Wilco. Someone else said a cross between Pedro the Lion and
Coldplay/Radiohead. Not a bad opener at all..they played about 5-6 songs.

Bothered: L on Piano..Wonderful live song, as always. Liking this one more and
more as an opener.

The first words Karin said after the song were "Hi everybody. Welcome to the Nick
and Jessica Variety Hour." She went into some talk about Sonny and Cher from
there. Karin said she wanted to be Sonny, Linford said he'd be Cher, and Karin
replied by saying he'd make a sexy Cher.

Anything At All: K&L on guitar..Pretty straightforward.

Karin talked a little about "Fever" and mentioned the fact that the studio in
Cinci where it was recorded was the first one to do any multicultural recording.
She said something about how we've gotten away from that. I thought that was

Fever: K on egg-shaker and jangly ring thing, L on guitar..Lots of sexy, breathy
trailoffs on the ends of some of the lines..Karin was very expressive on this one.

Karin pulled out a plastic shaker that looked like a pickle and said "You'll have
to excuse me...this is my first time playing a pickle in public." This resulted,
of course, in much laughter from the crowd, which illicited a funny smile and
furrowed brow from Karin.

My Love Is A Fever: K on pickle, L on Guitar .. The acoustic version featured as
an MP3 of the month a little while back.

Linford said something to the effect of "Can she play that pickle, or what!" before starting...

The Seahorse/Summertime: K&L on guitar .. They held the last chord of Seahorse and
you could barely hear Linford ask "Summertime?". Karin smiled and played the
first chord of Summertime with a flourish.

Hometown Boy: K on guitar, L on piano .. Quickly becoming one of my favorite live
songs. Karin really takes hold of the long 'i' sounds in "why", "fly", etc.
Completely blows me away every time.

Linford stepped off for a break while Karin took over the piano for...

Ohio: K on piano .. I really like watching Karin play piano. I think she tends to
come across as more vulnerable when she's at the piano..or something like that.

Linford was standing somewhere in the crowd, so Karin asked if she could try out a
new one. That's right kids..the first new tune of the year.

Drukard's Prayer: K on piano. Very gentle, very beautiful song. "You're my water
/ You are my wine / You're my whiskey / from time to time". I can't remember any
of the other words, but this should be a good one if it makes the next album.

Orphan Girl: K on guitar, L on Piano .. By request. Some nice piano work by 
Linford on this one.

Karin said they'd play a version of the next song without a certain word in it (so
they'd still get paid, she said jokingly). The crowd let out a collective "aww"
of disappointment. Karin talked a little about how she feels it's okay to use
strong language to make a point and made a quick reference to something Jesus said
about the Pharisees ("Those of you who know what I'm talking about, *know* what
I'm talking about", she said). When she finished, Linford told her "That was
almost preaching!" Everyone got a good laugh from it.

Changes Come: K on guitar, L on piano .. Very impassioned, unedited. Karin really
got going on this one. Beautiful.

Karin joked that the after-party would be at the Super 8.

Latter Days: L on piano .. You know the drill.

It was a fantastic show overall. Definitely good to see some live OtR
again. I took a couple of friends to this show (their first OtR show). One
liked it, the other loved it. Looking forward to the next one myself. Also
looking forward to bed. Goodnight, all.

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