DATE: May 1, 2004

LOCATION: Canal Street Tavern, Dayton, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford

REVIEW BY: Various Listees

Pictures of the concert and dinner before

Keith from ny:

Well here we are beginning the second day of Orchardfest I. My roommate Steve the Walrus has a copy of the planned setlist grabbed off the stage last night, signed by Linford. I know they strayed from the game plan a bit, but I think this is what they played: Set #1 Hometown Boy Bothered Anyway Anything at All Who Will Guard the Door Fever My Love is a Fever What I'll Remember Most Drunkard's Prayer (new) Ohio Set #2 The Seahorse Summertime Little Blue River Rhapsodie (for Luke and Nichole) The Poopsmith (new) Orphan Girl Changes Come Encore: Latter Days (anyone who actually wrote the set list down, please post a correction if warranted) The set list really doesn't begin to tell the story, however. There was more love in that little club in Dayton than I can ever describe to you, orchard folks having struggled to find each other all day long through bad weather and godawful traffic, more screams, smiles and hugs than you could imagine in the pouring rain outside the venue, Luke and Nichole celebrating five years being married to each other, the bouquet of roses Bill finally tracked down gracing the stage, Trudes sitting stageside to finally see her beloved Karin and Linford in person, forum regulars wearing the unbelievably cool name tags Kylie made for us all, and me proudly brandishing the cane she was kind enough to bring me as a gift. Karin and Linford were aware that many of us had come long distances to be there, and Karin voiced her apprehension about disappointing us at the start of the set. No need. They were breathtaking, turning in one of the most inspired (and hilarious) performances it's ever been my privilege to witness, ending very fittingly with a heartbreaking performance of Latter Days that had many of us in tears. Someone from Katmandu was there recording the show, and Michelle made damn sure he was going to provide a copy to her. And when it was all over, Karin and Linford came out to say hello to us all. They were so incredibly gracious. Karin gave Trudes the biggest hug you've ever seen. Linford greeted me like an old friend, and said to all of us gathered there "Why are you all here?" They don't even seem to realize that nobody else can do what they do. Well, I could go on at great length had I more time, but a bunch of my favorite people are here and besides, I have to go kick Kylie's ass. It's going to be awfully hard saying goodbye to everyone late tonight.

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