DATE: May 2, 2004

LOCATION: Canal Street Tavern, Dayton, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford

REVIEW BY: Various Listees

Pictures of the concert and dinner before

Jeanne Mueller:
For now, I'm focusing on the set list as I wrote it down during the show; more details to follow later.

Set 1:

Dayton, Ohio, 1903 (Randy Newman cover)
Long Lost Brother
Anything At All
Who Will Guard the Door?
Fever ("I think Steve (the Walrus) likes this one...")
My Love Is A Fever
Linford read a poem he uncovered from an old journal, pretty cool
Etc. Whatever
Drunkard's Prayer (Karin only)
Remind Us (Karin only)

Set 2:

Hometown Boy
Seahorse (no Summertime tonight)
Little Blue River/In the Garden
The Poopsmith (Or "What Can Brown Do For You?")
Orphan Girl
Changes Come


When I Go 

I spent a lot of Sunday worrying, because after I passed out all the tickets 
I bought for the out-of-towners on Saturday, I discovered I no longer had a 
ticket to Sunday night's show. I tried to buy one Saturday night, but the place 
was sold out for Sunday. And I figured if someone had to miss the Sunday night 
show, it should be me; after all, I have seen OTR 30+ times in a ten-year span. 
But I didn't have to miss the show, as I'll explain later.

I slept until 11, and shortly after I got up, Keith called and said there was a 
smallish group that wanted to go out for brunch, and could I recommend some place 
between the north & south hotels. I thought of the perfect place, and so did the 
University of Dayton's class of 2004 and their families. I've never seen that 
much chaos at the Dayton Marriott in my life. So we decided to go to Denny's 
(about two blocks north on Main, but not two blocks north on Patterson.) 
Troy & Kylie accidentally turned out of the Marriott onto Patterson, instead of
Main, leading to an odd series of calls. But they did get there before the surly 
waitress came back to take our order.

Brunch was over around three and dinner was looming at Zola at 5, so we went 
our separate ways until then. 

We gathered at Zola at 5 and various people exchanged trinkets (I'm not demeaning 
anyone's gifts here, but gifts just sounds too elaborate.) and pleasantries. 
Many pictures were taken, a number of which are now posted in the gallery. 

The Rhinestoned Cowboys were in on a little secret; we were about to have special 
guests join us for dinner. I was amused watching people's faces as Karin & Linford 
walked in front of the big glass windows at Zola. Hearing people say, "They're not 
coming in here, are they?" Yes, they were, and no one fainted. My dinner was 
excellent (and as you've read by now, somewhat overpriced), and the company was 

I'd like to pause here and thank Bill Ivester for inviting Karin & Linford to 
dinner. He actually expected them to politely thank us and decline, but Linford 
gamely committed himself to dinner with 20 or so stalker-- I mean fans. Thanks 
also, to Linford & Karin for joining us.

I was still fretting about my missing ticket, and dinner was over. There was an 
empty chair between Linford and me. I gathered up all my courage and asked Linford 
if he could do me a favor, and could he get me into the show without my ticket; I 
had no clue where it was. Bill jumped in and said that I bought tickets for everyone 
at the table. I said, no, it was really only half, and half of those had been picked 
up by Hometown Boy Dave and transferred to my hands later. But Linford just looked 
at me and said, "Sure." He had me write my name on a piece of paper and he added a 
few more names ("Look, I copied your handwriting, so it looks like I wrote them all.")

After that, I experienced delusions of celebrity. My name tag only had one name on 
it ("Jeanne" , my real name & my posting name), like Madonna or Cher, and now I 
was "on the list."

Naturally, dinner ran a little long, and we got across the street to Canal Street
in drabbles, after the doors had opened, so we couldn't all sit together like we 
did Saturday night, but we were all so happy, we didn't really care. We were all 
in the building and WE'D JUST HAD DINNER WITH THE BAND! And I got to tell the ticket 
guy, "I'm on the list."

I was amazed that the set list was so different than it had been the night before. 
Of course, Karin & Linford knew there were so many people here from out of town that 
they made sure there was more variation than usual.

I didn't want the show to end, because I didn't want the weekend to be over. But 
it was over all too soon. Karin & Linford wanted to get home, but the rest of us 
went next door to the Southern Belle for drinks, pool, conversation, and 
Bruce-selected music on the jukebox. I'm not much of a drinker, and I don't normally 
hang out in bars that aren't Canal Street Tavern, but I was game.

Then people started to leave. There were goodbyes and hugs and tears. More goodbyes 
and hugs and tears. Suddenly it's 2:30 am, and Michelle, Bruce, Steve (SoCal), 
Steve (Walrus), Troy, D., Becky, Libby, Kylie and I (I think that was all of us.) 
are being kicked out of the bar because it's closing. We stood around on the sidewalk
for about ten minutes and discussed our options. I decided I better go home and see
to my dogs, since they'd been home alone since 4:30.My turn for hugs and goodbyes. I 
wish I could have gone to the Waffle House, too, because I wasn't sleepy at all when 
I got in at 3. 

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