DATE: June 12, 2004

LOCATION: Northcenter Ribfest, Chicago, IL

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Matt Slocum, Devon Ashley?, Rick Plant?

REVIEW BY: Rachshel

Hey Everybody! What a great show this was. It was held outdoors at the Chicago Ribfest...I 
think OTR gained a whole new group of fans! OTR came back with the full band they had back 
in December and it was a great reunion! Here is the set list, some chatter and some thanks!

Hometown Boy--This was a great song to open with...the whole band seemed so excited just to 
be on stage. The concert started with no introductions, just music

Show Me--This song immediately followed their opener and gave a new and suprised audience a 
glimpse of what a variety of music OTR has to offer.

Anything at All--We finally heard Karin's speaking voice after marveling over her singing 
voice, she welcomed everyone to Ribfest and said they were happy to be there at their first 
band show of the tour.

She--Before this song started Karin described to the audience that this song was about 
domestic violence, not a fun topic, but one that should be talked about...(I want to send 
out a HUGE THANKS for singing this as it is the song I requested here on the message board!)

Nobody Number One--Also a great range in Karin's voice, but also a great follow up to SHE, 
especially the line that says "Come on now child don't cry..."

Little Blue River--How happy was the audience to hear this song? The gospel in OTR came out 
at this was so great to see the entire crowd swaying...

B.P.D.--Before Karin began this song she remarked to the audience how she should take more 
careful concern about her clothing choices as she was sitting at the piano in a skirt and 
was on an elevated have to love the humor!

Within, Without--I was pleasantly suprised to hear this song. For those of you new to OTR 
this was off of the album Eve. Us old time rhinelanders could easily be picked out of the 
crowd singing this song...

Circle of Quiet--Another song off an older album, I loved watching Linford play the piano 
on this song, he looked like he was having a great time!! (He also wore a shirt during set 
up that said "Corn makes me happy"...welcome to Illinois!)

Latter Days--Karin said this may not be a party style song, but they knew they couldn't get 
away without playing it! The audience rumbled and cheered like you've never heard.

Let it Be--This is the second time I've heard this song live and really enjoyed it...this is 
a song that allows each band member to really show you what they are made of!!!! I saw more 
people stopping on the streets to hear this then any other song they sang...

Encore---I was so happy to see that we wouldn't be left for too long...

Ohio--Karin came out to the stage by herself and sang this...always a beautiful song.

After this the entire band joined her onstage and the words My Love is a Fever never sounded 
better!!! The band was jamming, Karin was dancing and the crowd didn't know what to think 
it was so fun!

On my all time list of shows I have been to I would definately rank this one near the top of the 
list!!! Thanks to all the fans walking around with their "Wine me, Dine me, Over the Rhine me" 
shirts on! I think I said hello to everyone of you...

Thanks to Karin for signing my really messy set list....I'll try to scan it and post it for you all....

I should have pictures in a couple days....Fury Chaser I would love to see yours here too!!!

Hope this gave you all a little taste of heaven... 

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