DATE: June 25, 2004

LOCATION: 20th Century Theatre, Cincinnati, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Matt Slocum, Devon Ashley, Rick Plant

REVIEW BY: Various Listees:

Bruce Lachey:
Here's vaguely what I remember:

Hometown Boy
Show Me
Anything At All
Nobody Number One
Little Blue River/In The Garden (which, strangely enough, mostly kicked)
Hallelujah (Matt on cello)
Ohio (Karin)
Within Without
Circle Of Quiet
Latter Days

My Love Is A Fever
Let It Be

(2nd encore)
Drunkard's Prayer 

Jeanne Mueller
While the band was sleeping at the Best Western in Columbus after that show, some very bad people 
stole all of the band's gear, except for the organ, from their van. So last night they played on 
instruments that had been scrounged up from friends. 

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