DATE: July 2, 2004

LOCATION: Cornerstone Festival, Bushnell, IL

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Matt Slocum, Devon Ashley, Rick Plant

REVIEW BY: Jeff Holland

Let's start out with Ric's show.  His car broke down on the way to Cornerstone
and Ric was about 45 minutes to an hour late to the show.  Jeff Elbel, Guitar
Tech to the Stars, more than competently kept the crowd's attention with solo
versions of songs from his band, Ping.  After about 45 minutes, Ric shows up
and goes straight on stage with his drummer and bass player (no clue who they
were, he never said their names) and started playing.  No soundcheck.  No tuning.
And it sounded great.  Pretty amazing.  He played for about 30 minutes, including
"Middle Way", "Circle of Quiet", and "Womb of God", and "That's My Love", I think?

Now on to his old band, who played at midnight, later that day.

Two years ago, Over the Rhine took the stage to fireworks at the Gallery tent
at Cornerstone.  This year, the band took the stage to driving rain as it
poured down on the tent so hard it leaked through the seams and even leaked
enough on Karin that she had to move her microphone stand over a little bit or 
be poured on while holding an electrical device in her hands.  "I'm gonna get
my shower today yet" quipped Karin.

Here's how they were set up:
Linford on the front left with Hammond Organ and keyboard.
Karin in the middle with accoustic guitar and Fender electric
Matt Slocum is on the right and played what looked to be a Fender Telecaster.
Devon Ashley played drums in the back and Rick Plant stood next to him on
electric bass.

Hometown Boy
Show Me
Anything At All
Nobody Number One
Little Blue River->In the Garden
Within Without
Circle of Quiet
Latter Days

All I Need Is Everything

...and now my notes:

Hometown Boy

That's not static or tape hiss, that's RAIN.

Show Me

Matt has really got the "country-vibe" going on tonight.  Karin announces
that the new live album from the Fall 2003 tour is available and for sale
at Cornerstone.

Anything At All

Karin vents about the knuckleheads that stole their gear and thanks all their
friends that loaned them gear (the Nixon daughters, Ric, and I missed
the first name, Mike Helm, maybe?)  The rain stopped falling somewhere around


Yeah, Karin was definitely channeling some of her anger into this song.

Nobody Number One
Little Blue River -> In The Garden

Not as drawn out as when they played it with Jack Henderson as Matt Slocum's
solo was brief and again, had a country flavor to it.  This kept the song 
from feeling quite so drawn out.

"Sound check, schmound check" - Karin.


This is Karin, Linford, and Matt on the cello.  Awesome.


Karin stays on the stage all by herself 


The band slowly strolls back on stage as Karin sings, Linford sits down behind
her and starts playing organ.

Within Without

Karin straps on the electric guitar and WOW it's 1994 all over again.  Sounds
incredible.  Matt doesn't attack the guitar solos like Ric used to, but he takes
it quite nicely and gives it just enough rock to make it good.

Someone makes a Pat Benetar request.  Karin considers it for a moment and says
she may have to surprise at a future show.

Circle of Quiet

They kept it short and sweet this time.  Lately, they have drawn this one out
pretty long at Cornerstone.

Latter Days

Nice e-bow effect by Matt


My Love is a Fever

Yow.  It's a funny combination of Linford's circus-y organ notes, funky bass
from Rick and Devon on the rhythm section, Matt's country solos, and Karin's
sultry swaying.  Very hard to describe.  You had to be there.

Great show, though for a Over the Rhine Cornerstone show, it was very short.
Old Cornerstone veterans used to two or three-hour marathons were probably
surprised by a show that didn't even crack 90 minutes.  The show did get a 
late start, not beginning until at least 12:30 AM.

I don't think Linford appreciated the crack I made about the rising 
value of Micheal Wilson's book (I think they had copies at the festival for $25 or something
like that)  Oh well, it certainly wouldn't be the *first* time I've made an 
uncomfortable or awkward comment or joke to a musician.  Maybe *I* should just keep my 
big mouth shut.

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