DATE: August 20, 2004

LOCATION: Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

LINEUP: Karin, Linford

After a 140 mile drive and a nice dinner with Kim (Happy Scout) and her husband Dave, 
we lined up outside Club Cafe, under a light drizzle, with my rain jacket conveniently 
in my car a few blocks away. As the rain got worse, we were treated to one of the 
nicest gestures ever by a venue. One of the Club Cafe people scrounged up all the 
umbrellas she could find and passed them out! As the rained picked up, we felt 
increasingly grateful.

Things got progressively more interesting inside, as Kim, Dave and I were saving 
choice seats for Bill, KylieJo and Scott. For while, Kim was outside on her cell phone 
trying to direct lost Bill to the club, so Dave and I were left to fend off increasingly 
grumpy people who hungrily eyed those four empty chairs. Scott, meanwhile, was happily 
quaffing stouts, until he guessed who we were and joined us in the battle. Kim and 
Bill got disconnected, so she reclaimed her seat. Four people holding two empty chairs 
is much easier than two holding four, believe me!

Happily, Bill and KylieJo arrived just before the OTR took the stage. The funny thing, 
right after they arrived, while each was visiting the rest room, some angry-looking guy 
game over and demanded, "WHERE ARE THEY???" He didn't believe me when I told them they 
had just arrived and were in the club. "We'll SEE!", he replied, glaring as he stalked 
off. It seemed that the people who arrived the latest were the most upset that people 
were saving chairs; they didn't seem to grasp the fact that even if we hadn't saved 
the spaces, someone else who have grabbed them long before they got there.

It was a nice show, just Linford and Karin:

Thanx to Bill and KylieJo for helping me with the setlist as I wrote the songs down. 
I'm familiar with much of their material, but sometimes bad with the titles.

Faithfully Dangerous
Anything at All
Who Will Guard the Door?
What I'll Remember Most
The Seahorse
My Love is a Fever
Little Blue River/In the Garden
Drunkard's Prayer
All I Need is Everything

Orphan Girl

Nice meeting ya'll, Kim, Dave, Scott, KylieJo, Luke, Nicholle, and a couple whose names 
I didn't learn. Nice to see you again, Bill. Hope you found the hotel! 

Bill Ivester
on the guitars, linford told the story about the shopping experience, then after the 
next song, karin talked about linford sayng that he also always wanted a lowden. so, 
she said [paraphrasing here], being a "girl", she needed "reasons" for purchasing some 
things, so she thought with linford's 40th birthday coming up, that this would be a good 
"reason", a good present for him, a new lowden guitar. then she proceeded to smile, show 
"his" new guitar to everyone then strap it on and play it, as she did several times 
throughout the evening, switching out between the two new guitars. poor linford never 
even got to touch the thing but he did seem to get a kick out of it. linford also noted 
that this was the first time she had played the new guitar in front of an audience...

several of us helped them load up after the show and i sort of jokingly asked linford 
if they were parking the van in more secure places now, and he said yep and that they 
are taking everything in their room with them now...

yeah, those were real lights, little blue (christmas style) lights hanging behind a 
black backdrop, nice effect, nice little venue. and don't worry, "who will guard the 
door" seems to becoming a staple of the sets recently, it's been in every set i've seen 
since the CST shows so i'm sure you will get the opportunity to hear it soon, nice song. 

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