DATE: October 23, 2004

LOCATION: Canal Street Tavern

LINEUP: Karin, Linford

REVIEW BY: Bruce Lachey

They played jazz standards!! I couldn't believe it. I'm a HUGE fan of jazz standards and 
have been since high school. They opening up both nights with Night and Day and played 
My Funny Valentine & Paper Moon in the last few songs. 

NEW songs, getcher NEW songs. Woohoo. Stella's Tarentella is my personal favorite. At 
some point during the weekend I said I wanted that song to live inside me and a few people 
nodded their agreement. Okay, they played a song they dedicated to Spinner, and which 
Kylie is particularly fond of. I'll let her explain that. I forget the name of the song. 
Well, still too groggy, oh well. Two more new songs, both righteous. This is gonna be 
an exciting new album, methinks. 

Other songs I remember them playing, in no particular order (I won't remember them all 
right now, so feel free to add to the list peeps):

Remind Us
How Long Have You Been Stoned
Latter Days
Suitcase (dedicated to Michelle)
Hometown Boy
The World Can Wait (she was reading the Films for Radio booklet because she forgot some 
of the lyrics...too funny)

Karin did get political, more so in the first show than the second. I've got a whole 
post in me head over this, but I'm going to post that in the political forum when I 
get a chance. 

Awesome, awesome shows. The first show was so was like they needed to get 
something out. I started crying towards the end of the second half of that show and kept 
on until the end. It was too much in a wonderful kind of way. Saturday show was as 
powerful, but more laid back and playful. 

Night and Day
Faithfully Dangerous
Anything At All
Looking Forward To Looking Back
Stella's Tarentella
Suitcase (for Michelle)
Hometown Boy
Drunkard's Prayer
Remind Us
------- (break)

World Can Wait ("I get a lot of requests in the ladies' room..."), complete with 
forgotten lyrics, despite the use of the FFR liner notes, but it was a dark room
Far From Danger (I call this one "Bluer," but that looks funny written out)
My Love Is A Fever
Little Blue River/In The Garden (subliminal block, Bruce?)
How Long Have You Been Stoned
Changes Come
------- (encore)
My Funny Valentine
Paper Moon

Night and Day
Faithfully Dangerous
Anything At All
Looking Forward To Looking Back
Stella's Tarentella
another new one - don't remember much (It went something like "I want you to be my 
love" and it was the debut performance.)
Drunkard's Prayer
Remind Us
------- (break)
Happy Birthday (for Linford)
Latter Days
Far From Danger
Suitcase (for merch guy and another friend)
How Long Have You Been Stoned
Changes Come
------- (encore)
My Funny Valentine
Paper Moon

I really like the "Far From Danger/Bluer" song. Linford sang backing vocals, and it 
was really nice. I mentioned in another thread how much I love "Stella's Tarantella" as well. 

These were great shows. Karin & Linford were very playful with each other and with 
the audience both nights and they just seemed delighted to be there. The crowds each 
night were very nice and although Karin did make some political comments, she did note 
that she knew everyone in the audience wouldn't agree wih them and she wasn't trying to 
alienate "half our audience." She just felt that this year she needed to voice her opinions.

I want to hear a whole album of OTR covering standards now. Next up on my list of requests 
is "I'll Be Seeing You," but there are plenty of other good ones out there.

It was nice to meet a lot of new folks (I'm afraid I'll leave someone out, so feel free 
to chastise me if I do, because it's my aging brain that needs a kick...): Scotty (and 
Paula), Kevin, Dan (Taliendo), Michael (I think we did meet briefly before), Toby, Zayne, 
Jess, Scott W.. Damn, there's still not enough time to hang out with everyone. Okay, so 
for Maui 2006, we'll all be there longer than 2 days, right?
When they opened with Night and Day I got instant giddy butterflies and My Funny Valentine 
rocked my world, and I said so to Karin after the show. That woman knows how to bust out
with a standard.

I've seen OtR 6x in 3 trips and I have to say that Karin was ON in a way I'd not seen 
before. It just blows my mind how you'll see her and chat before a show and she's smily 
and laughing and we all make short chit chat like she's another audience member - then 
they take the stage, her hand(s) grab the microphone stand and out of her comes this 
channeling of a hypnotic, seductive, angelic, broken, lovely and stunning goddess. Call 
that fan gushing if you think that's what it is but I'm just stating it as I witnessed it - 
and that's why I won't blink an eye to spend $$ on a plane ticket and fly 13 hours each 
way for 4 days and play with other apples - so I can be in the presence of it. 

How does every new song and record they share have me yelping and clapping my hands 
raw at the end? 

Looking Forward to Looking Back is going to be a favorite sing-along in the truck. Correct 
me if you know what the first verse actually was but it was close to...

standing out in the freezing rain
feels all right cause it's numbed the pain
i'm looking forward to looking back
looking forward to looking back
on this day

.. done to upbeat strumming.

I greatly enjoyed Stella's Terantella - Karin was very seductive with this. After they 
performed it Saturday a man yelled out "Please record that!" and I concur. Please do, K&L. 

Far From Danger - I'm thinking that's the title for the one Linford sang with her for a 
lot of the song(?). I loved it, absolutely loved it. Please record it the way it was 
performed - it was wow'ing to see/hear Linford and Karin sing together. The only time 
we've gotten that served to us on cd is the chorus of Green Clouded Swallowtail and I'm 
positive I'm not the only one who wants more of a K&L voice meshing.

i die just a little bit, just a little bit, each day
bluer than the blue devils, bluer than the _________(?)

Saturday night Karin did another new one that they didn't do Friday - it was lovely, 
so lovely and it's killin' me that I can't remember one darn lyric to it. I can hear 
the melody and the way her voice floats up at the chorus, but not one word is coming 
to mind!! I'm calling it right now as a big time contender to Rhapsodie for a favorite 
in the "What OtR song should I play at my wedding?" question game. Serious.

Faithfully Dangerous this weekend was moody and stunning. And I've always been amazed 
how they've taken songs that have been full band recorded and reincarnated them as 
two-person acoustic songs. For example: How Long Have You Been Stoned - the acoustic 
version kicked the recorded version's ass, it may have even left some scratches and 
blood it was that good. Same with The World Can Wait. I'd heard the FFR version for so 
long before hearing them do it with only the piano and it's just, so much more. Karin 
said the ladies room is where it's at as far as getting requests go and someone had 
requested TWCW. And Anna wasn't joking - there was Karin, "Oooh, Oh oooo Woe Oh'ing" 
The World Can Wait with the FFR insert in her hand. She was doing a bang up job too, 
up to the second verse when her eyes went to the book too late and what I think should 
have been the "every day a page of paper, every night a photograph, a moveable feast..." 
part came out as "Sooooaaaaahhh OooooOoooo OhhhOhhh..". Karin spent most of the remainder 
of that song holding back smirks and trying not to laugh. When it was done she tossed 
the booklet over her shoulder in a way that said "oh forget it". HAH! I LOVE IT!.

I loved hearing Drunkard's Prayer again on both nights. Karin does lovely in her 
songwriting unlike anyone else (to me).

On Friday night she booboo'd Rhapsodie on the "and if you should ever leave" line, 
smiled, continued the song, then Linford did some piano thing and she booboo'd again 
and said "that one was Linford's fault." They both smiled through the end of the song 
and once Linford hit the final keys Karin walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek - 
just, what a show. Both nights. What amazing shows.

I thoroughly enjoyed sneaking peeks at Scotty/nimrodcooper at certain times/songs 
during the shows too. Many times I'd look over and his head would be leaned back 
agaist the pole he was sitting in front of, eyes closed and head slowly turning. He's 
as much of a fan of My Love Is A Fever as I am. We both were yelling and clapping loudly 
after it both nights.

By the time they went in to Paper Moon I realized that if they were to do a show of 
only old jazz standards I'd do my best to get myself to that show - and *cough cough*, 
if they were to put out a cd of covering old standards, I'd sure enjoy that. 

Anna used euphoric to describe they're attitude/energy. That's a spot-on description 
if you ask me. About 3-4 songs in on Friday Linford said something about how good they 
were feeling and before Paper Moon the same night Karin said "we're in a mood so we're 
just gonna go with it." I'm so happy they did. Thank you Karin & Linford, again, for 
doing what you do, the way you do it.

I'll have to get into seeing apples again and meeting new apples (and not yet apples) 
in the other thread. There's so much going on in my mind - to the apples I met for the 
first time, I had an amazing weekend and I'm so thrilled to have met and talked with 
each of you, no matter how few words may have been exchanged and shyness not overcome
with some. You helped make my weekend. And to those I had the joy and honor of seeing 
again, you proved the first CST weekend wasn't just a whirlwind high - you're fabulous. 
All of you.

Karin and Linford and all of you, thank you for being a part of memories that I'll always 
think are almost unbelieveable cause they're so good. 

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