DATE: December 3, 2004

LOCATION: Little Brothers, Cleveland, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Devon Ashley, Byron House

REVIEW BY: Bill Ivester

Faithfully Dangerous
Anything At All
All I Get For Christmas Is Blue
Lifelong Fling
I Want You To Be My Love
Silent Night
Drunkard's Prayer
Hometown Boy
Jingle Martini
Changes Come
Night and Day

hello all. a great evening that started w/michelle & I, along w/kylie & her mom meeting up w/margarita & dan before the show. as we were meeting in the parking lot we talked to K&L for a while, then had a great dinner at a bar called skully's. after finishing dinner we talked w/devon for a few minutes trying to get a preview of what type of show we were in for. he played it kind of coy, just telling us the band was K&L, and upright bass player and himself. he described the set as "smokey" and fun. later, we met up with mariesa & bruce @ "magnolia thunderpussy", a nice funky little store where several cd's were purchased.

well, let me tell 'ya, devon was right. and smokey was and understatement, and they were having a lot of fun onstage, there were several extended little jazzy jams with linford, devon & byron kind of just jamming and playing off each other, very impressive stuff. seemed to be a good vibe. karin was funny and amazing as usual and her (with a smile) dedication of, "this one's for you dan" as she tore into "poughkeepsie" was a highlight.

the band was K&L, devon on a small drum set & byron house on upright bass. they did a good mix of stuff, very light on guitar w/karin only playing on 5 or 6 songs. too many highlights to mention but the encore was just incredible. imagine if you will karin in a smokey bar, with and incredible little jazz combo behind her absolutely nailing "moondance". yep, it was as good as you can imagine. more later, here are a few pics, you tafters are in for a treat next weekend. on to akron...

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