DATE: December 4, 2004

LOCATION: The Lime Spider, Akron, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Devon Ashley, Byron House

REVIEW BY: Shane Bertou, Michelle

Shane Bertou:
Over the Rhine
December 4, 2004 - Akron, OH
The Lime Spider

Silent Night
Ballroom Dance (Played in honor of one attendee's fiftieth show. Not sure of title but lyrics said something about "just one ballroom dance with you".)
Little Blue River / In the Garden
Anything at All
All I Get For Christmas Is Blue
Jingle Bells
Hush Now (New song, title track from new album)
The World Can Wait
My Love is a Fever
Hometown Boy
Changes Come

Faithfully Dangerous
Paper Moon (Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole cover)

Also... It's not much of a review, but here's what I wrote up on my personal website.

Aside from this show being abso-f'in-lutely fantastic (my fav of the 4 i got to see in december) I got to finally meet jg in person after several years of off-list emails. Not only that but I got to meet other lostees, Alyssa P., DM (coyote lazarus), Dawn... I'd love to see jg and M (spouse) at a Dayton show, ya'll would LOVE him.

The venue was really cool - from the entrance the layout was of an upside down L. Bill and I found a spot in the corner of the L/stage. Just so happened to be right by the bar making drinks convenient. And it was packed, packed. Like sardines we were, I kid not. And the beer selection! Oi, the beer selection. I was almost speechless looking up at the board. Then there was the hotel Bill and I shared - we stayed in silo's. The old Quaker Oats grain silos. Our room was ROUND! The venue was really close too so we ate dinner, had a beer and "strolled" there. Between OtR, getting to meet jg and the Akron lostee's, the hotel and the venue, you OH apples should really consider the couple/few hours and go see them there next time they go.

Griffin came out wearing "the pants" that night, sounded as good, no, better, than the night before and I bought his cd's after this show. Then comes our OtR... out walks Karin in a sheer black top over a black bra. No, I'm not kidding. Smokin'. Vocally, vibe-ly, packagely SMOKIN'. I'm straight and that woman just renders me useless... anyway...

The crowd was fantastic - overly-crowded but fantastic, and you could tell the band was digging it. Bill and I had a bottle of Chimay Blue sent back to Karin before the show started only to find out that was the bottle Griffin brought onstage and drank during his set, "Best beer in the world." *sigh* You're welcome, Griff... ::pitter pat my heart::

jg had a small notebook with him and that's how he communicated during the show. I'd get a tap on the shoulder and he'd hand me the book. I'd read his note, write back, etc. One tap on the shoulder had me reading "karin looks YUMMY!" I made the "i'm straight but woowee" comment back only to get another tap on the shoulder with a note that read, "OMG I HAVE A FRIEND WHO'S STRAIGHT!?" Heh. At the end of the night he handed me the book as a gift. Good stuff I tell ya, good stuff.

I haven't heard it since December but I'm still weak from Moondance. I'm not even a big Xmas music fan and was looking forward to Martini Jingle again. Stella's Tarentella was better than I remembered from October. I don't know man, as a band onstage, performing for you, people who paid to see them, they sure do hand it to ya. A beautiful, fatless, organically fed slab of Porterhouse slapped down and hand-fed to you - if OtR was a steakhouse, that's what you'd get. Everytime you ate there. I'm on repeat from every review I've ever done at this point but when it's that good, it's that good. This tour was the first time I'd seen OtR as a 'band'. I'd seen them w/ Jack in California, but never with bass and drums. Just another reason they stand-out so brightly with me. It's subtle, but they're always changing, tweaking. The whole "loungy Xmas tour" thing rocked my boots right off. Every show. I can't wait till a copy of the Birdy's show is in my hands.

I think I'm done rambling about this now. It's early, I've still got warm coffee and my natural high is peaking, so, thanks for reading.

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