DATE: December 14,  2004

LOCATION: The Dame, Lexington, KY

LINEUP: Karin, Linford

REVIEW BY: Various people

Stiv McFadden:

Here is the setlist Bill snagged for me at the show last night...

It was just Karin and Linford, they gave Devon and Byron the week off and will meet back up with them in Chicago. The first song played was not on the offiical set list:

Faithfully Dangerous (Bill or Bruce correct me if I am wrong about this being the first song played)

Official setlist starts here:

Anything At All
Latter Days
All I Ever Get for Christmas Is Blue
Martini Jingle (Jingle Bells)
Hush Now
Drukard's Prayer
The World Can Wait
Changes Come
All I Need Is Everything


Night & Day
Hometown Boy
Ohio (Also, not on official set list)

It was a great show as usual.

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