by Brittany Cooper
Okay, so, like, my best friend Karyn (woohoo! Love ya Kar Bear!) and I were up at Gwinnett Mall looking for prom dresses for our senior prom (Class of '04 rocks!) and we won some free tickets to a concert by doing one of those survey things where tell which cereal we like more and whatever. So, went to go see two bands at the Gwinnett Arena this weekend. After I used my older sister's ID (she's like really old, like 22, or something, that's like, ancient) to buy some beer (Budweiser! Only the best for you, Kar) for Karyn and I (hmm, I probably ought to erase this before I send it to the editor) we sat down in our seats behind these HOT guys, I don't know, they looked like those guys in that movie, The Fast and The Furious. Oh, they were so hot. Anyways.

So, the first band was some band I had never heard of, The Huguenot Principle, or something. They were BORING. Just four guys on the stage. Played a couple songs about dragons, robots, and other stuff like that. They didn't do anything other than stand there and play their instruments. Totally lame-o. The bass player talked between songs for forever! Something about this being a historic tour because he and guitar player hadn't toured together in blah, blah, blah years. Whatever. Anyways, maybe they'll get better if they stay together longer and put out another album. I don't know, I was too busy flirting with the boys in the row in front of us to pay much attention.

Then the lights went dark and then the main act took the stage! This band is called the "Repeatles." These guys rock! I swear, they look just like the four guys that were on the stage for the opening act, but anyways. They played a bunch of cool songs that I'd never heard before. Something about a "Yellow Submarine", um, "Let It Be", "We Can Work It Out", "Hey Jude", and some other songs. Oh, and that song about Eleanor somebody was pretty cool, too. The guitar player, I think his name is Len Johnson, is SO dreamy. Then they came back and played "Wonderwall" by Oasis for the Encore (Oasis rocks!) and everybody in the arena was going crazy.

So, anyhow, it was WAY cool. Like, fo shizzle to my nizzle! Especially since it was free. Oh, and I got a dress, too. Now, if that dork Joshua Spencer (hmm, better edit that out, too. I'd be SO embarrassed if he saw this) would ask me to prom, everything would be awesome.

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