Rolling Stone review for Fear the Millenium

Regrettably, another Heisenburg Principle album, the fourteenth by the venerable band, has seen the light of day. Despite the fact that no good ska has come out since The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were in their hey-day, the band has decided to ride the ska bandwagon into the ground. The album revolves around a post-Y2K world where all the computers have failed. The lyrics state that "in the new Millennium" (doesn't the new millennium begin in two thousand one?) the hero of the album must survive on only his cunning and his endless supply of canned beef stew.

There are some bright points. There's a drum machine, and that's cool. Heisenburg delivers his dependable sloppy bass sound. His son, Hezekiah, is actually not too bad of a guitar player, though he mostly sticks to playing standard ska chords and hooks. Puggsy Rhodes even sounds somewhat like former Heisenburg Principle and current David's Harp singer, Silas.

However, none of the bright points outshine the clichéd horn parts and ska sound. Additionally, no one really fears the Y2K bug anymore, so the lyrics don't have any chance at all with connecting to the listener. This is an album only for the most ardent of Heisenburg Principle fans.

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