Wall of Guitar '03 Tour

Guitar fans from around the city gathered together at the Bob's Transmissions and Auto Parts Ampitheatre for the "Wall O' Guitar Tour 03." Joining together in hopes of playing larger arenas, smaller acts have banded together for these blockbuster summer tours, and this tour is no different. Five guitarists joined together and each played a solo set before all coming onto the stage together to bring down the house.

Barry Gunslinger, the lead guitar player for the band Metal Death started things off. Alone on stage with his Marshall stacks, Gunslinger looks a little odd running across the stage with his guitar, dropping to his knees for solos, and playing from his back, but he was full of energy for the entire show. "Dude, I totally love when he does the "chugga-chugga" parts and then plays up on the fret-board for that "meedeley-meedely-meedeley-meedely-meedeley-meedely-mee!" sound! Gunslinger rocks", says 36-year old fan, Daryl Mucker, clad in a Led Zepplin t-shirt. Gunslinger's best song featured a six minute solo featuring the most difficult chord ever, a combination of a diminished ninth and a demonished tenth. "I don't think there was ever any kind of rhythm to the songs, just a bunch of playing notes over and over", said 32-year old Vince Kellerhiemer, sporting his Yngwie Malmsteen t-shirt.

After the road crew spent thirty minutes removing Marshall amp after Marshall amp, they only needed to set up two small VOX amps for the next act. Young guitarist Hezekiah Heisenburg came on stage with bass player Gary Puhile. Heisenburg announced that he and Puhile are forming a new band and his sister will likely be joining the band in a couple of months as soon as she returns from summer camp. Hezekiah and Gary played a couple of songs, with no lyrics yet, which seemed to have a gothic rock sound. Stay tuned for more.

Next, Chester Wiggins and Trevor Dare of The Heisenburg Principle fame took the stage together and alternated playing songs with one playing lead while the other played rhythm guitar. Chester Wiggins played some old Ellen's Affection classics, and then shared some new songs about a mysterious man who spent all his time locked up in a room playing video games (we wonder who THAT could be about?) while his hair grew long and his beard grew longer. Trevor Dare played a couple pieces from some of his ill-fated soundtracks that he had signed up to write music for, including Pluto Nash II and Return of the Last Action Hero and then brought the crowd to it's feet with a couple of Heisenburg Principle classics.

Finally, guitar god Tremelo took the stage and played his trademark solo sounds. Some fans were bowled over by his work while some others weren't so impressed, "It looked like all he did was play one chord and then vigorously man-handle the whammy bar. Um, what's so cool about that?", asks thirteen-year old Matt Tiddleweiler, clad in his Korn t-shirt.

The five guitarists closed out the night by all taking the stage together to play familiar guitar pieces like "Purple Haze" and "Layla" and such. The songs sounded a bit odd with five guitar players all soloing over each other accompanied by no drums and no bass player. The effect was a bit nauseating. When the guitar players started playing Eric Johnson's, "The Cliffs Of Dover" all 3,000 fans immediately all started playing air-guitar in unison along with the band to close out the night, leaving fans with a good time with their heroic guitar gods.

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