DATE: Feburary 22, 2002

LOCATION: Phoenix Hill, Louisville, KY

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Jack


OtR was very good at Phoenix Hill.  Great room, not so great venue, cos
they book 5 bands at once, and there was a big metal punk somethin' band
playing underneath.  They bled through, a lot.  It became white noise,
but it still wasn't the ideal thingummy.  Karin was beautifully
diplomatic about it: 1) saying, as soon as it started, "I thought that
might happen tonight," with a patience that gave me patience; 2) actually
bopping her head to the music coming through, between songs; 3) at the
end, when the crowd was wanting more but the venue had booked another
band to follow Otr (if ya kin imagine), she said (I'm paraphraising),
"They're just tryin' to make money in show business.  We're just tryin'
to make money in show business.  Kim Taylor's just tryin' to make money
in show business.  We're all . . . just tryin' to make money in show
business," and then sang.   That last she said with that patient
Midwestern accent that is getting more pronounced for both K and L, and
it just defused the situation.  Good kids, K and L.

Anyway, there were lots of plants, and that was nice.  There was a very
drunk woman, which was okay, but sad.  Jack made the valentine about the
other Jack real neat.  Jack sang, but there were no orange oars.  The
restrooms, as Karin said, are very nice.  The floor slants downwards,
left down to right.  Kelvin Bailey and I had some chattin'.

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