DATE: Feburary 23, 2002

LOCATION: Blue Cats, Knoxville, TN

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Jack

REVIEW BY: Dustyvolume

Having just returned from another fabulous OtR show, I
feel compelled to share it here.  :)

Blue Cats is a relatively new establishment that has
brought the likes of Cowboy Junkies, Jonatha Brooke,
and now OtR to Knoxville.  The normally rowdy college
crowd that you usually find in this town was
transplanted tonight with a cadre of quiet, respectful
twenty-somethings, thirty somethings and even a few
older than that. In fact, as I came down to the front
of the stage, I was quite amazed to see almost all of
the house huddled in a semi circle on bar stools and
on the actual floor in front of Jack, Karin and
Linford as they weaved the magic we all know so well.
As I was leaving, I even heard the lady working the
door remark "it's nice not to have the place trashed
after a show--these were some really nice people here
tonight."  It's interesting to note too, that I had
already met her earlier in the day when I came down to
hang a few posters.  She introduced herself as being
"hospitality," and said she could tell at least two
things about the band by the list of items they had
requested:  1) they were cool people, and 2) there had
to be a female in the band, since one of things on the
list was "good red wine".

I could go on and on really about the evening, but
most probably no one would read much past this anyway,
so here's the set list.  It was a little hard to pay
attention at times since I was selling merchandise,
but I loved meeting the most interesting people who
came up to the table.  I had no idea the band had such
a following in Tennessee.

Setlist written in Linford's hand on the front of an

Go Down EZ


Anything at all

Jesus... (in New Orleans)
    --- at first listen, you'd think trina shoemaker
had something to do with this :)

Green Clouded Swallowtail
    ---dedicated to Harold who played last night at
the Ramada in Louisville and had a voice that "broke
karin's heart"

I Radio Heaven
    ---"very stripped down version"

All I Need is...

Curse these dreams of you (jack's)
    ---karin on vocals

Holy Rain
    ---jack and karin on vocals

World Can Wait
   ---"stripped down 'nekkid'"  When karin began this
song with the ohooo-oh-ooohohohs, I thought I would
nearly pass out from the sheer power in her
voice--what's that called?  sympathetic vibration??

   ---karin on piano/vocals--no one else on stage

Jacks' Valentine

    ---with a nod to the tribute cd

Latter Days

Hush (not played)

Little Blue... (played, but not on setlist)

Like a Radio (not played)

And a lovely time was had by all  :)
Article in Knoxville News Sentinel
By Wayne Bledsoe, News-Sentinel entertainment writer When Over the Rhine members Linford Detweiler and Karin Berquist decided to get married in 1996, they worried marriage might change their music. "We were afraid we would lose that objectivity," says Detweiler, "but I haven't seen any changes." Instead, the world has changed around Over the Rhine. Detweiler and Berquist formed Over the Rhine in 1989; the group's name comes from a community in Cincinnati. Detweiler had been listening to the female-fronted rock groups the Pretenders and Lone Justice and decided he would like to start a band with a female lead singer. "Karin was the only person I knew who could bring tears to people's eyes when she sang," says Detweiler. "People felt something when she sang." Detweiler gave Berquist a call at her home in Barnesville, Ohio, to see if she was interested. "She was packing her bags nearly before we got off the phone," says Detweiler. The two became fixtures in the Cincinnati arts scene. Over the Rhine's early gigs were a long way from rock hounds like the Pretenders. The two performed classic pop standards at the piano bar of the Cincinnatian Hotel. One of the benefits, though, was that most touring musicians stayed at the hotel. "It was a real vibey place and lots of people came through," says Detweiler. "One night Billy Joel came over and wanted to talk about when he was doing what we were doing." Throughout the duo's time at the hotel, Detweiler and Berquist were writing their own material. Those songs became the basis of the group's 1991 album, "Till We Have Faces." By then a quartet, Over the Rhine landed an opening-act spot on Adrian Belew's national tour in 1992 and followed by opening for Bob Dylan for several dates. "When that happened, I thought, 'Man, we're going straight to the top!' " says Detweiler with a laugh. The band signed with I.R.S. Records and released three albums with the label. But the group fell short of national stardom. When I.R.S. Records disintegrated in 1995, Over the Rhine was left without a contract. But Detweiler and Berquist soldiered on, releasing discs on their own and relying on music to make ends meet. "We're really fortunate," says Detweiler. "Our fans have been unbelievably supportive. They're enthusiastic enough to want everything we put out." Over the Rhine signed with Virgin Music's Backporch Records in 2001. The group's latest album, "Films for Radio," was released in late 2001. Detweiler says the band has plenty of plans, and being married to his band-mate makes a career in music easier. "It's great having someone to work with and not having to be away from each other when you go out on the road," says Detweiler. "Plus, it's just fun to see the world together."

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