DATE: April 20, 2002

LOCATION: Malone College, Canton, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford

REVIEW BY: Bethany Keeley

Karin and Linford played a short set opening for Patti Griffin (who was
SO GREAT and her new cd was sold out before I got to the merch table.
but they were really fabulous also.  There's something magical about otr
live.  They did Bothered and Anything at All and Poughkeepsie and The
World Can Wait and Latter Days.  I think that's it.  It was great but
too too too short.  The concert was till midnight as it was though.
I bought Besides.  Which, I finally realized tonight, is a pun.
Besides.  B-sides.  I feel so stupid.
Bothered is among my new favorite songs.
Patti Griffin sang this great song in Spanish and I understood it and I
wish I had the cd!
I walked out of the building right behind Linford and I should have
talked to him.  Seriously.  If I get an opportunity tomorrow, that's
it.  I'm talking to him.  I'm so dumb.
sleepy and feeling very spoilt.

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