DATE: April 26, 2002

LOCATION: Kenyon College, Gambier, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Jack

REVIEW BY: Katherine Willis

  i was at the kenyon college show on friday night, and i
intended to write a lil email about the show before the magic
started to wear off... but reading your emails about the
fitzgerald's show has delivered me right back to the gund
commons of k.c.  ben & i drove down from kent the long, country
road way- through wooster and loudenville, past the mohican
river vally.  chilly, sunny weather.  quintessential ohio
spring.  all the way down i kept thinking the drive itself made
for a precious friday afternoon, and then i'd remind myself that
otr was at the other end of the road.  we got to kenyon early
enough to poke around at the bookstore, which was one of those
quirky, singular little shops that demonstrate why borders is
evil.  then we went to the show.  first row seats, a little off
to the right (stage left).  2 openers, a local kenyon guy &
"dreaming amelia," a band from canton.  they were pretty good;
rather otr-influenced but nevertheless doing their own thing.
ithink the otr influence was slightly more pronounced b/c they
had the same kind of set-up- mostly 2 acoustic guitars and a
female vocalist, plus they incorporated a lot of sliding guitars
into their folksy stuff.
    on to otr.  karin was beautiful: black tanktop, burgundy
velvet blazer, coral cropped pants, black boots, and her big ole
brown belt.  i think linford wore red.  i usually remember
better, i'm sorry.  one thing that was really compelling about
this show was that they were performing in front of windows, so
you could see reflections of the lights and instruments and
musicians.  karin was rather funny, talking more than usual, and
a lot more than linford.  she seemed happier than in the fall,
and healthier as well.  i can't remember the setlist song by
song, but it was very similar to the other shows i've seen in
the past year; bothered, anything at all, green clouded
swallowtail, jesus in new orleans (ahhh), faithfully dangerous,
the world can wait, miles, i radio heaven... and if i remember
correctly, that is the song karin vamped in another song that i
recognized but couldn't place.  jack's valentine, ohio... and it
was ohio that really got me all nostalgic and weepy.  this being
the last show i'll see for ahwhile, presumably, since i'm going
westward, i expected to be sad about missing over the rhine. but
it was friday night that the wider impact of leaving really hit.
 i know ohio like the back of my hand.  goodbye ohio.
  after the show ben & i waited around to see linford, because
we had something to give him.  we teach poetry workshops in area
schools (w/ d.m., too), and i wrote a lesson plan using "my love
is a fever." ben & d.m. taught it at maplewood vocational school
out in ravenna, and the kids wrote some fabulous stuff, so we
decided to pass one along to linford & karin.  it ended up being
this really awkward, comical interaction.  i had gone downstairs
to the bathroom & left the envelope with ben (even though he is
really shy & probably would have felt weird giving it to them
alone).  when i walked out of the bathroom, linford was walking
by.  i didn't want to be like, "hey, come w/ me, my fiance has
something for you" b/c that sounds so mafia.  so i just followed
him.  we got up the stairs & linford passes ben, and ben holds
out the paper & says "linford," but sees me, so as i pop around
from behind linford, ben hands it to me instead... so then i
hand it to l., who must have been a little flustered that we
surrounded him as such.  but then, of course, he was totally
cool & graceful & touched that vocational kids from ravenna are
being inspired by otr lyrics.

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