DATE: June 15, 2002

LOCATION: Lexington, KY

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Jack, Dale

REVIEW BY: various listees

I have been out of the discussion loop for a while, and I'm not sure if 
anyone has posted any news about the Lexington show. I went to it on Sat. 
night and sat on a blanket and watched Over the Rhine set up their 
instruments on a grassy knoll above the crowd. It was a very casual kind of 
concert, as there were kids running around behind the behind the band and 
sitting on the bronze horses that are scattered throughout the park. Linford 
encouraged other audience members to get up and run around on the grassy area 
behind the band. 
They had the same set list as their last 2 Lexington appearances. The only 
real surprise was when they began playing  LIKE A RADIO  which I haven't 
heard them do live in a long time. 
They played as a 4 piece with Dale Baker driving in from North Carolina to 
play drums/percussion.  Karin said Jack was moving his family over to 
Scotland. In July they will be moving to a small village of 300 people. Karin 
said the reason for the move will be so Jack's son doesn't grow up talking 
like a midwesterner. Anyway, Karin said Jack will still play some dates with 
them, but this is the first I've heard about Jack moving. Does anyone know if 
he is leaving the group or not? Is there any official word I've missed? 

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