DATE: June 19, 2002

LOCATION: The High Dive, Champaign, IL

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Jack

REVIEW BY: various listees

We rolled into Champaign around 7:30 and met up with 
Linford after their soundcheck.  We helped set up the 
merch table and chatted for a little bit.  I was 
surprised to find that he remembered playing a show at 
Anderson University in Indiana back in ' first 
OTR experience :)  Before they left to get some food 
before the show, we gave Linford a box of chocolates 
from a small family-owned store here in Springfield, IL 
that is known for excellent confectionary.  

The opening act was pretty good...Robynn Ragland lives 
in C-U and has really made a name for herself in St. 
Louis.  She played about 5-6 songs with a drummer and 
bassist.  Check out her website at; she has a great voice and stage 
presence...not to mention being very down-to-earth and 
easy to talk with.  While she was playing, Karin 
wandered back and thanked us for the chocolate.  I 
hesitantly asked if she wouldn't mind working in "Cast 
Me Away"...the MP3 for this month had really gotten me 
in the mood to hear it live.  She said she would check 
with Linford and see what they could do.  

Anyway, the show was fabulous.  The crowd was well-
behaved for a bar venue and to my delight, they 
played "Cast Me Away" after the second song of their 
set...Karin introduced it by mentioning our names, 
thanking us for the gift, and regarding the song, 
said "It's more of a prayer, really".  They then 
proceeded through a fairly typical set list (sorry, 
forgot to write it all down...perhaps Michael will 
later)  I truly enjoyed the fact that they jammed for 
quite a while on several songs including "Little Blue 
River" and "Lucy".  I think part of the fun of a live 
show is hearing the musicians really experiment and 
complement one another's improvisations.  

It was a late night; the encore wrapped up around 12:45 
or so.  We helped pack everything up and got back here 
to Springfield around 3 am.  

My last observation from a wonderful night...Karin, 
Linford, and Jack are truly quality people.  I can't 
tell you how many times Linford and Karin thanked us 
for our help and the gift.  They were gracious, polite, 
and kind.  It meant so much that they were willing to 
work in a song that wasn't even on the set list.  

I'll stop there...I can't cover everything that was 
said or happened last night.  Those of you out in Iowa 
are in for a treat the next couple nights!

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