DATE: October 18, 2002

LOCATION: Messiah College, Grantham, PA

LINEUP: Karin, Linford

REVIEW BY: Jessyka

got off work early to see over the rhine at messiah college last night, which 
was a great end to a perfect day!
yeah, remember how i told you all that i wasn't allowed to wear sandals 
without backs to work anymore?  my boss surprised me by *taking me to lunch* 
and taking me to the birkenstock store here in pittsburgh, and buying me not 
one, but TWO pairs of birks!  i love my job.
anyway, i a little lost due to construction stuff (thanks again, lara, for 
directions!), but i made it to the show, only missing about 20 minutes of 
bill malonee's set.  goodness, was he amazing!  someone i will definitely 
have to look into for the future!  *breathe deep* david came and found me at 
about 7:30, and pulled me up to the front and center of the seating 
arrangements...where i was able to meet the lovely bravesaintkate.  :)
when bill was done, i was talking to david and kate, when SURPRISE, anita 
(hazel) shows up, date dan in tow.  i don't think i've pounced so hard on 
someone in a long time!  :)  dan told me that he was tired just watching me 
in action.  it was great to see them, and we all sat on the floor in the 
front as karin (can we say GORGEOUS, anyone?) and linford do their thing.  
there were some new songs, as well as fun old ones...they opened with *cast 
me away* and went into *bothered*.  i don't have the set list...i'll let 
*peace and veggies* david send that your way.  just know that it was 
beautiful.  amazingly beautiful.  and karin told me she was going to feed an 
iv into my arm to get just a droplet of my energy.  *hmmm* wonder where i've 
heard *that* before.  maybe from everyone i come in contact with.  *laughing*

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