DATE: December 6, 2002

LOCATION: Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Brian Standefer, Will Sayles

REVIEW BY: Various Listees

Dan T.
they played a good mix... Spinning (opener w/ a wonderful cello) and
Give Me Strength (Karin solo on piano) were the highlights for me.  the
cello was also a VERY nice touch this year.  Bill Mallonee played a
great set.  i picked up his new CD for only $10 (yay!).  thai food
beforehand, cake testing at bonbonerie even more beforehand.  all in
all, a GREAT and FABULOUS evening.

i think this might have been the best set that they've played for an
XMas show that i've attended...

the only gripe is that the Taft's seats are difficult sometimes.  but
that's not OtR's fault.  or is it?  we may never know.  or may we?

it was great to see some of y'all... Jessica (C.) [JC, Margarita says
"HI" and is sorry that she didn't find you to chat], Jessyka (H.),
Jessica (W.), Bri@n, Melissa, Chad (Canipe), The Drew, Wendy, Jay,
Lynzi, Eric, Chris, Rick, et al.  i hope all y'all had fun this evening
post-show... sore throat and sore back makes me something something.
Daniel Summers:
  Absolutely wonderful concert last night.  Cellist was a WONDERFUL addition! 
Almost all the songs were done perfectly.  Fever was the best I've heard them do
it so far.  They did My Funny Valentine, but I have to say, honestly, I think
they did a rather poor job with it.  I feel the same whenever they try to
improvise a classic song (like with Summertime).  I think they do a bad job of
changing melodies around.  Fever was great because they kept the original
   I'm still very impressed with She.  That one line, "She cuts herself on you
every night" or something like that, really gets to me.  
   My first Christmas show.  Probably my last.  I believe I'll be going into the
Navy, so over the next few years I have no idea where I'll be =)  Probably NOT
near Cinci.  
   Bill Malonee did a nice job opening.  I think I would like him much better in
a band.  He doesn't seem to be real strong as solo-acoustic.  Some people just
need the other band members to sound right.  He's definately a good song writer
and singer, though.  
   Just wanted to stick my few words in.  It really was a great concert.  The
first concert I've been to with that many people!  It was definately a different
experience.  The place was nicely packed (although I couldn't see how many were
in the balcony)  
various people have mentioned things about the taft.  i wanted to say a little bit more. 

the cello was wonderful.  he did an excellent job...especially on the "god rest ye merry gentlemen" interlude during *it came upon a midnight clear*.  it was also nice to hear over the rhine with some drums again...i do miss brian kelly. 

as we were driving home this morning, dan mentioned that the set had pretty much been the same one as my bootleg from the nov 23rd show (yes, i got it in the sorry i haven't told you or thanked you before this!).  this was slightly disappointing, as i had seen the set three times prior, but i also understood that this particular tour had been little, and not many people had yet heard the acoustic "give me strength" or "she".  and there were many christmas gems, like "all i get for christmas is blue" and "mary's waltz."  plus "spinning" and "i let it go."  and dan really enjoyed the show...a definite plus! 

it was wonderful to see people...kylie was definitely not what i expected.  :)  it was nice to meet you.  drew...sorry to have offended you by not being sure that it was you at first glance.  and to top everything off, I SAW DUG!  when karin asked who drove the furthest, and i heard a voice cry out, "las vegas, nevada" i just knew it was dug.  and dan was very gracious, even though dug was a little drunk and thought it would be fun to kiss my cheek after every sentence spoken.  he even apologized for kissing on his girl, "but i have seniority."  yeah, same old dug.  love him. 

well, i guess that is all.  it was great to see jay and lynzi, if only for a few moments.  there definitely wasn't enough time...too bad the brunch thing couldn't have worked out (hope you had fun laying your floor, drew!)  but i guess there's always next year.  :) 
Kylie Wilkerson: Wow... these folks just get better and better. Taft Show... captivating. First of all, Karin looked so beautiful. 2ndly, Linford has side burns. I don't have an official set list b/c I just didn't feel like writing it down and you know I can't remember those type of things. :) Every song was a-mazing... it was so worth all of the driving the boyfriend and I did. 'Spinning'... I certainly didn't expect to hear that one at the show. VeRy cool. 'I Let it Go'... the song...didn't really like it with Karin's guitar. (did i just say that?!) 'Darling, Xmas is Coming' and 'All I Want for Xmas is Blue'... are now my favourite Christmas songs eva. 'My Love is a Fever'... I would marry that song if I could.(the acoustic version) At the Taft they added a long cello intrance...very very bubble-licious. The Finale... mmm mmm mmm. Bob Dylan song... don't know the title. ... Schuba's was pretty much the same set list... Except I was like rite behind the people that were rite in front of the stage. (ohhh...annoying lady and husband cramping my style !!!) It was like a guitar lesson. :) The cellist and percussionist are amazing. I think I was a little 'in love' with the cellist... except I can't remember his name. That is a cool place... very nice. Never, ever, try and stay at the Abbott Hotel a few blocks from Schuba's!!! I'm serious. We were desperate to find a hotel before the show so we could shower and such... so we find this place...went up to the room... there was no way in H-E- double hockey sticks we were staying in that room. I-c-k-y! So we went to the Hilton. :) Which is also where we stayed in Cincy. It was such a good weekend. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to tell you... we drove over the LITTLE BLUE RIVER!! Yay... how neato is that?! I had an awesome time meeting some listees!! ... Jeff Grantham - I love this guy. :) Drew and Wendy - they're not married...I thought they were. Um, can I just say... Drew is a very nice looking man! :) Jessyka - :) ... Um, I'm not what you expected?? It's probably my undying beauty that took you by suprise. Pffftt! :) John Paul Davis and his wife - Lol. I guess he didn't expect me to be so short. :) A 'K' huh?? Hmm. Dan Temmesfield - I saw him, but he just moved so quickly I didn't get to meet him. Hi, Dan. I know I'm forgetting some people. Sorry! I think I saw Thurman Allen... but I wasn't sure. I met this guy who used to be on the list... he gave me a cool picture of OtR taken by Michael Wilson. I met old listees Jay and Lynzi...nice people. I *finally* met ERIC KING. :) I met some people who remembered me from Cstone and Canal Street. I stood in line at Schuba's with Michael Cade(former listee) and his wife, Dawn. And I talked with some folks I met at the Well's Street show. (lurker Joe Enzenbacher's friends) :) I talked to Linford a bit. He's so nice. I was a little sad that I didn't get to chat with Karin. I sorta wanted to apologize for 'saying' she looked like a boy when she was just a little girl. :) They are good people. I saw Michael Wilson! You people are just great.

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