LOCATION: Peabody's, Cleveland, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Brian, Linford, Chris


Been meaning to say something for almost a week about this show... It was great to see a decent sized crowd "in spite of the weather." I'd always wanted to see OTR somewhere other than Cincinnati just once, and I'm glad I braved the snow on the highway (not a brilliant thing to do in a car with no wipers) to make it. Originally had some reservations on what OTR would sound like without Ric too, but I can assure everyone that the songs and performance were great. Sure, it would've been great to see Ric too, because I've always thought his work is such an integral part of OTR's sound (can't wait for Emery), but this lineup worked well too. It's hard to describe - something missing, but you don't even notice because you just get into the moment. And Jack Henderson lended some nice funk guitar to "Jack's Valentine" too. Anyway, I had a blast. Actually, I think Any time I can hear them do "Paul & Virginia" live is a great time to me. (and I'm NOT the one who yelled for "Fly Dance" ). The new cd is great too - perfectly titled for playing (loud) on a nice cold night, a few candles, a friend, and a blanket. When I got home, I found myself unconsciously playing it three times in a row, louder each time (it really Is better that way). What else can I say? I've always found it hard to think of OTR's music in any terms other than emotional. Sometimes think it might've been better to know they're breaking up after the Emery show, but it's also nice to know that in advance too. Kind of gives another view on the line "what a beautiful piece of heartache this has all turned out to be." It's been seven years of enjoyment and some very intense memories for me, I wouldn't miss it for the world, and all I can say is Thanks.

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