DATE: December 10, 2002

LOCATION: Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

LINEUP: Karin, Linford, Brian Standefer, Will Sayles

REVIEW BY: Various Listees

Kristen Bailey
Was there anyone else here at the Beachland Ballroom
show last night?
I don't usually write show reviews, but I had to try
my luck at this one.  I simply couldn't pass it up. 
What a show!  I know I am little late coming in on all
this being that I did not make it to Taft this year,
but WOW!  I love the four piece.  The cello makes a
huge impact.  When he first came out during set up, I
wondered out loud to my husband who the guy was with
the mop cut and leather jacket.  And then when I found
out I thought that was awesome!  It was great to
finally hear some of the new songs that I have seen
floating around on the list.  And "Who Will Guard the
Door?"!!!  Fabulous!  I had just commented recently
after running through Serpents and Gloves that I had
never heard that song finished.  I can't wait to tell
the friend with whom I was watching it.  TWCW was the
best version I have heard live to this date!  I had
been hoping they would get away from the keyboard-only
style and bring it back to full sound.  Wonderful! 
The finale was a fun little thing.  It is so cool to
hear two artists together who are so amazing and so
different at what they do separatly.  I loved it!  My
only regret was that Bill didn't play a longer set.  I
was there to see him as much as I was there for OtR. 
But I think there were a lot of people in the crowd
who didn't know him and weren't understanding what he
was trying to do.  It was a bit of a conservative
crowd all around.

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